Twin Flame Runner and Chaser: Which one are you?

The Twin Flame journey can be confusing. When separated or even coming together, there can be a lot of pushing a pulling from each other. Something that can help shed light to understand the dynamics of the “Runner” and “Chaser.”

So which are you? The Runner or the Chaser?

It’s time to find out which twin flame you are because this information will help determine how much work it will take to reunite with your lost half.

Twin Flame Runner and Chaser: What is it?

A twin flame is a soul split into two different bodies during reincarnation. The Runner and the Chaser are terms to describe these two soul fragments. Knowing which twin flame, or fragment, you are to help you on your divine union journey is essential.

A twin flame relationship consists of a Runner and a Chaser. 

It is the two identities of a complete soul before reincarnation. But you may ask: what is the difference between the two?

Chaser – is generally spiritually awakened to the connection and wants to pursue divine union. The chaser twin is usually the active one who understands the other person’s importance in their life.

Runner – A runner is the polar opposite of a Chaser. A Runner senses an obvious chemistry but remains silent about their affections for the chasers. Because of specific inner concerns, it is commonly described as the one who does not want to seek, confront, face, or embrace the relationship.

It is common for the dynamic of the Chaser and Runner to come out after the initial meeting, relationship, and fallout. This can be the experience from the beginning, but usually, it happens once the Twin Flame connection has deepened. 

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Now that we know the dynamic between the Runner and Chaser, in the rest of this article, we will explore how this shows up in your divine union and the roles you both play in connection.

Which Twin Flame are you? Signs you are a Runner or Chaser:

There are a few signs you can look towards to figure out which aspect of the Twin Flame connection you are. Here is a list of signs and traits of the Chaser and Runner:

Signs you are a CHASERSigns you are a RUNNER
• You want to contact your twin flame and pursue a relationship
• You understand that you require the presence of the other person in your life
• You are obsessed with the Twin Flame journey and do a lot of research about the topic
• A day won’t end without you thinking about your twin flame
• The peacemaker in the relationship
• You make excuses to not meet your partner 
• You are avoiding the connection between you and the other person
• There is a feeling of fear that you are undeserving of the attention 
• The connection is very overwhelming for you thus, you choose to ‘ghost’ your person instead of accepting your fate together

Let’s look a little deeper into the dynamic of the Chaser and Runner.

Are you the Chaser?

Have you ever experienced an immediate connection with someone? 

Just right after meeting them, you instantly know that there is undeniable chemistry between the two of you. That is your awakening, one of the major indicators of being the Chaser in a twin flame relationship.

One of the common experiences of a chaser is to be mistakenly accused of being a stalker. Having your feelings not being reciprocated or accepted by your twin flame is really disappointing, and you can’t just help thinking about them and go through their social media accounts every day,- even going to the places they usually go to so you can ‘accidentally’ bump into them.

As stated on the table above, you can become obsessed with your twin flame to the point that you can’t stop thinking or daydreaming about them. 

You’re just naturally drawn to their energy, and their presence makes you feel complete.

Here are the common traits or characteristics of a chaser:

  • Having strong feelings for the Runner;
  • They Cannot explain why they are so attracted to their twin flame
  • Convinced that they have already found the person they would like to spend the rest of their life with
  • They can do anything for their twin and fights any challenges just to work things out
  • Won’t give up to their twin even if their feelings were not reciprocated
  • Turns a blind eye on all the negative things about their twin and their relationship in general
  • Thinks that they are not being ‘good enough’ for their respective twin flame and it’s their fault why they are being left alone

Advice for the Twin Flame Chaser

“Trust the Universe, trust the process.”

Indeed, being the Chaser is a very exhausting role. It drains your energy and motivation, making you question your value as a person. 

However, don’t let yourself down because of the situation. 

Give your twin flame the time and space they require, and things will eventually fall into place. Take this time to relax and improve yourself. 

Nothing beats self-love!

You have to be open to yourself during this journey and look at the bigger picture. 

The reason that the both of you are not together might also be because you share the same flaws. Once you have achieved your self-improvement, everything will follow. Focus on yourself and trust the process. 

As the awakened twin flame, you already know that this journey has been pre-planned by the Universe. Just stay connected and attract all the positive energy by always remembering that you are loved and worthy.

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Are you the Runner?

Put simply, the Runner is the pulling away energy in the twin flame relationship journey. 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and scared that your relationship is getting deeper with someone? 

So instead of accepting and confronting it, you’ve just decided to run away to protect yourself from suffering. 

If this sounds like your attitude towards your twin flame, then the possibility of you being the Runner is extremely high. During an argument or if the Runner faces a situation that they think they will just end up getting hurt, they do their best to run to avoid any pain.

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As shared by contributors on Quora, here are the most common behavioral traits of the Runner:

  • The runners won’t even look at you even if you are face to face in a group of people.
  • They will not initiate any conversation with you whatsoever. 
  • They want to know everything about your life and what is going on.
  • They will receive and read your emails, messages but will not reply. This sort of silent treatment will go on for long periods of time.
  • If they feel that you are not chasing them and are not around, they will initiate contact.
  • Once they know you are there, they again become distant and give you a silent treatment.
  • They will block you on social media.
  • They will tell you or warn you to not contact them.
  • They will speak to you again after a long non-speaking period as if nothing had happened in between and everything was just fine…only to vanish again for no reason.

Why does the Runner run?

Runners run because they believe this is the easiest way to fix the relationship problem. 

The intense feeling of emotions for the Runner is very overwhelming and they think that shutting the Chaser off is the key to their peace of mind and freedom.

For them, it is more acceptable to be rejected than to be left behind once they are already deeply attached to the other person. Thus, they run away to avoid this pain.  

Sometimes, they prefer to stay with someone where life seems easier than leave once it gets rough; it’s all about convenience. But there are also runners who are just confused and indecisive, so they run away from their Chaser unknowingly.

Advice for the Twin Flame Runner

“Be happy and start attracting!”

Being the Runner in a twin flame relationship is very confusing and stressful. For people unfamiliar with this journey, you may look selfish and like a coward, but it shouldn’t bother you. 

Your feelings are valid and everyone has their own struggles

The two roles in the twin flame relationship are unique on their own. If your gut feeling tells you to run, trust it. It may be the Universe’s way of telling you to improve yourself and face your fear. 

It would be best to remember that this process is already pre-planned and is happening for a greater reason. You can eventually overcome this fear of rejection or abandonment through repeated connections. 

Take this time away from your twin flame to reflect and work on the things that you think your soul needs to deal with, so the next time you reconnect with your twin, you are now ready.

Brief Q and A: Dynamics between the Runner and Chaser

Q: Does the Runner miss the Chaser during the separation stage?

After some time, the Runner will eventually miss the feeling of having intense emotions and will seek the presence of the Chaser. They will come back exactly at the right time where the divine union will take place.

Q: Why would your twin flame runner deny their feelings for you?

The Runner is confused and has a fear of abandonment. They think that they are undeserving of the Chaser’s love, so they push away from this connection. They avoid any attachments they may have with you because they are not prepared to deal with such strong bonds and emotions.

In Conclusion:

The Runner and the Chaser are the two fragments of a soul that represents the identity of the Twin Flames.

Like the sun and the moon, they also represent lightness against darkness. 

They are total opposites, yet they complement each other. 

The whole journey of this Twin Flame can be really chaotic, so it is important to find peace throughout the process. The path will always be rough, but whatever happens, the love between the twin flames will always be there.

 Trust the Universe and focus on positive things that will help you grow. 

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