Do Twin Flame Relationships Last Forever?

There is a common saying that “nothing lasts forever,” and even the famous band Maroon 5 made a song about it.

But is it the case for Twin Flames relationships?

As it is a Divine Union of two souls awakening, we will discuss in this article how long twin flame relationships last and what to expect during the journey.

How Long Dd Twin Flame Relationships Last? 

Twin Flame relationships are a union between two parts of a single soul, because of this a true twin flame is bound to be with you for the rest of your life.  While most people experience this union in a romantic relationship, some find a twin flame in a platonic friendship.

At HeroRise we did a poll and found that 86% of people agree that Twin Flame Relationships last forever, by their very nature.

If you find yourself in a Twin Flame relationship, you might have separated for a time, but eventually, you will come back together. That might not be destined for this lifetime, but it is destined to happen one day.

This doesn’t mean the relationship is easy. But it does mean it has a purpose.

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In Todeschi’s book Unlocking the Dynamics of Soul Attraction (1999)’, Edgar Cayce an American clairvoyant, defines twin souls as the highest form among the other dynamics of soul attraction (companion soulmates and karmic soulmates). He stated that soulmates’ main purpose is to support their respected partners as they both grow together spiritually, while twin souls are designated to meet for a specific mission that they need to fulfill.

Differences between a karmic relationship, a soulmate, and twin flames.

There are different types of spiritual unions and relationships; karmic relationship, a soulmate, and twin flames. Each has its own timeline and purpose in life. In general, these relationships are designed to help you achieve a spiritual awakening but can go about it in different ways.

Karmic Relationship

Karma is said to be the universal law of cause and effect in which our present reality is the result of our past actions. If your relationship is karmic, then your connection was established through your past incarnations.

Karma takes quite some time to heal in a karmic relationship, as it only exists to resolve the past issues of your past lives. It may take months or years before it disappears, but once those past issues are resolved, the connection that you have with them will be gone and you will realize that there is no actual need for them to stay with you for a longer time.


If it’s a soulmate, then the soul contract with them depends on how the connection was established. It comes in many forms, and the bond goes on a deeper level. To put it simply, soulmates are companions in life, and they exist to provide you with support as you both grow together. 

It could be a friend, a relative, a work colleague, or anyone that’s close to you. This relationship is harder to move on from as they share a bigger role in your ‘soul tribe’.

Twin Flame

On the other hand, twin flames are on a different level of soulmate connection brought together by the universe. 

Twin Flames are two souls that share the same identical energy frequency, and as one, they complete each other. Basically, a twin flame relationship goes a longer way than any other soul connection relationship as you can only have one twin in your lifetime and your soul is the other half of the other.

Twin Flames Does Not Mean Marriage

Even though Twin Flames are orchestrated by the Divine Creator, it doesn’t guarantee that marriage will be the end game. Twin Flames can be a romantic relationship, a platonic lifelong friendship, or a range of different types of relationships.

These are different types of relationships that we can consider as twin flames:

  • Romantic (Eros) – This is the type of relationship in which you combine your souls into one through various forms of physical contact.
  • Maternal/Paternal (Storge) – Considered to be familial love, you provide a comfortable, safe space for your twin flame.
  • Sisterly/Brotherly – A twin flame with whom you admire and enjoy spending time with.
  • Unconditional (Agape) – It focuses on a relationship in which you provide your twin’s needs without expecting anything in return.
  • Platonic– Friendship. Not commanded by instinct, but you still fulfill the spiritual needs of your twin flame.

Twin Flame Separation and a Long-Term Relationship

As the connection between twin flames goes deep down into the blueprint of the soul level, the spiritual awakening process will inevitably cause a great disturbance in one’s consciousness. It is necessary to be separated from your twin so you can give each other an ample amount of time to unite and be as one soul truly.

Separation in a true twin flame situation has a purpose and you have to trust the universe for it.

There is no rule on how much time it will take; it may range from 1 year to 20 years as it varies according to your twin’s situation. 

Even though you are separated, the connection that you have together will never be lost as both of you are intertwined from the moment you were born.

During the process of the twin flames’ union, there will be a soul recognition that will take place, and your flaws will be reflected back to you. Through the help of twin flame separation, you can have a long-term relationship with your partner as you resolve these flaws that will create a big obstacle to your spiritual growth.

List of issues that will be resolved through the separation process:

  • Attachment
  • Past life trauma
  • Insecurity
  • Toxic friendships
  • Past relationships
  • Fear of rejection
  • Need for validation
  • Low emotional and spiritual maturity
  • Karma
  • Overwhelming telepathy and empathy
  • Unfinished business with karmic partners and soulmates
  • Divine timing


As Twin Flames are the other half of our soul, our connection with them is for eternity.

Our twin flame is connected to us by The Creator and He is the one who could ‘undo’ the bind and reverse the process. It exists for a sole purpose and mission that needs to be fulfilled, and for that true union to happen, both of you should be ready to face all the challenges that come along with the journey.

Being a twin flame doesn’t also mean that you must be in a romantic or committed relationship with your soul partner; it goes more than that. 

Twin Flame love transcends earthly concepts as it focuses on spiritual growth, healing, and energy alignment. It is unconditional in a sense that they uplift each other as they share their vibration to help and serve their purpose in the world.

This soul connection leads you on the right path of your awakening, where your twin supports you as you become the best version of yourself.

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