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This online guidebook is a companion to the HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck

Welcome to HeroRise Masculine Archetype Online Guidebook. If you are opening this, you are on your journey to integrating the positive aspects of Masculinity. The images and stories within this deck can help you contemplate your purpose, invigorate your connection to Masculinity, and give you tools for self-discovery. 

This deck is a collection of Masculine Archetypes, along with the twelve stages of the Hero’s Journey. Together, these symbols will help you untangle your thoughts and gain clarity. The Archetypes reveal your psychological patterns, while the Hero’s Journey can unveil where you are in the story. 

To learn more about how the deck works, and the concepts behind Archetypes, check out the About the Deck article, as part of this online guide.

The Masculine Archetypes

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Shadow Aspects

The Hero’s Journey Cards

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