Empowering the Hero Within

Masculine Archetypes to awaken purpose and potential

Discover your
own Masculinity

Society has become shattered with opposing versions of manhood: the demanding factory worker, the athletic superstar, the overly-sensitive gentleman, and the consumed entrepreneur. It can make you feel confused about how your Masculinity fits in.

But where do you turn?

The HeroRise Masculine Archetypes can give you a framework for exploring your psyche—a template to discover your internal strength, potential, and unique Masculinity.

You no longer have to walk the path alone. Together we rise.

About the Creator?

Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change. 

He has spent over a decade facilitating dance events, hosting music retreats, and mentoring artist. 

The HeroRise Archetype Deck gave Isaac another platform to inspire others on there creative purpose. He has seen the transformative power of self-discovery through symbols and rituals and created the deck as another tool for those along the path. 

HeroRise Masculine Archetypes

The Five Archetypes based on Jungian Psychology

Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign

empowering the Masculine

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