One Card Reading

Use this simple One Card Reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional and psychological state. Click the card to turn it over. Cards from the Masculine Archetype Deck.

11. Resurrection

The quest or a Call for Change can leave scars on the soul. For the Hero to fully come back from the journey, he must be purified.
He has experienced significant loss along his quest and must be reborn.

The process of Resurrection is internal. When you undergo a great change, old patterns might no longer work for you. An example would be coming home from traveling and realizing some of your friends were unhealthy and needing to reinvent your social circle without them.
Stand true to the new version of yourself, and eventually, others will see the changes in you.

Ask yourself how you viewed yourself before this quest and how it has changed. If you hold onto your old identity, you will never incorporate the
skills you acquired along the journey. If you don’t allow your identity to embrace a Resurrection, you may be doomed to endure the same trials on repeat.

Three-Card Spread

This Three-Card Spread can add more dimensions to your card reading. One card points you in the general direction, while three gives you a more detailed map. 

Try one of the following options for the spread:

  • Past / Present / Future  
  • Current situation / Obstacle / Advice  
  • Situation / Action / Outcome  


The Strategist uses his intellect to find the most effective path to reach his goal. He is practical, success-driven, and calculated. Exploring all possibilities enables him to make systematic plans. He is skilled in overseeing and enacting the details needed to complete the objective.

The Strategist has to be open to being wrong and opposing opinions. This helps him continually evaluate his logic and perspective. He knows there is danger in being blinded by assumption. The Strategist does well when surrounded by sound counsel and opposing viewpoints.

The Strategist can struggle with any project or person that doesn’t have a clear goal. His need for efficiency can be seen as callousness. Since people’s mistakes can profoundly affect his strategy, he can become guarded and detached. If the Strategist isn’t careful, the community—his most valuable asset—will abandon him.

When working with the Strategist, look at how you create and achieve your goal. Do you have clarity on every step and each working piece? Could you sacrifice one element or enrich another to make you more likely to succeed?


The Speaker knows how to insight motivation in others. He wields his words as an artist wields a brush. He knows how to speak to people’s hopes, dreams, and fears, evoking emotion and helping listeners channel it into positive action.

The Speaker is charismatic, passionate, confident, and knowledgeable. His biggest asset is his reputation. He knows that people must respect him if they are to listen to him. This leads the speaker to be kind and empathetic to his audience.

The Speaker must never take advantage of his listeners or fall into the Shadow of the Charlatan. If his message preys more on fear than offering an alternative, he will slip into his Shadow. His skills are best used to incite positive change in others.

When you draw this card, evaluate how you communicate with others. Look at how you can incite emotions in others through your passion and charm.

3. Refusal to Change

The call to change can be daunting, and you might want to refuse the call. Many adventures end right here. They are the quests never taken, the change never realized, the books unwritten.

This refusal can lead to a dark reality—one of boredom, loss, and bleakness. The Hero can become trapped in decay instead of rising to the
challenge. Refusing the call can lead to depression and loss of purpose.

However, many times the call eventually becomes irresistible. This can push even a reluctant Hero forward. As hard as you try against it, you can find yourself pulled into an adventure. The unanswered Call to Change can split your life apart, and then there is never a way back to the Status Quo.

When you get this card, look towards what journeys you have refused. Ask yourself, how have you resisted change?