One Card Reading

Use this simple One Card Reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional and psychological state. Click the card to turn it over. Cards from the Masculine Archetype Deck.


The Hunter uses focus and patience to achieve his goals. He waits until all the details line up to allow him the greatest chance of success. In tune with nature, he is one with the cycles of the moon, the wind, and the season. He leaves as little to chance as possible by preparing and adjusting to the world around him.

The Hunter isn’t born with these skills. Diligent practice is needed to hone his skills. Hours, months, and years of training all condense in that singular moment of the hunt. When focused, his brain, greater mind, and eyes are glued to the target. If his focus slips, he may lose the game.
His determination is his greatest weapon.

The Hunter Archetype asks you to look at your goals. What preparations can you make beforehand to lead to success? What actions should you practice until there automatically? Above all else, do you have the determination and patience to reach your goal?

Three-Card Spread

This Three-Card Spread can add more dimensions to your card reading. One card points you in the general direction, while three gives you a more detailed map. 

Try one of the following options for the spread:

  • Past / Present / Future  
  • Current situation / Obstacle / Advice  
  • Situation / Action / Outcome  


The Artist harnesses his emotions and expressions to create new works of beauty. He finds inspiration by fully taking in the complex emotions of the world around him. Then through time and skill translates his experiences into something others can enjoy.

The Artist explores the depth of his being. He dives into his shadows, desires, hopes, and grief. From that mad abandon, he toils to shape his thoughts into a physical form that others can comprehend. He has one foot in the imaginary and one in the material plane. His greatest pleasure is to see these inner visions realized.

Artistry is created through the body in motion. Playing the guitar is a sensual act of the whole body. The lines on a painting involve the Artist’s entire being. The Artist’s real canvas is his heart and body—the art is but a byproduct.

When in balance, the Artist is engaged in a conversation through his expressions. When the Artist is out of balance, he loses himself in his imaginary worlds—leaving him disembodied and disconnected.

When connecting with the Artist Archetype, ask how you invoke beauty into your life. Then, examine your passions and expressions.


The Wizard searches for knowledge and innovation in all fields.
He finds pleasure in learning new skills, studying, and experimentation to expand his understanding of the world. This pursuit can be for the arcane or the scientific. He doesn’t live just to eat, drink, and sleep. A Wizard is truly alive when learning something new.
When everyone else deals with inconveniences by turning a blind eye, the Wizard will face the problem straight on and dream up new solutions. He explores the liminal spaces, the unknown, and his imagination’s vastness to develop original ideas. This fuels his drive to invent, write, and create.
The Wizard naturally inspires others, initiating them on their path of self-discovery. He doesn’t hoard knowledge but shares it freely. However, suppose the Wizard connects his self-worth with his intellect. In that case, he can fall into the Archetype’s Shadow Aspects, distorting and manipulating the truth for his gain.
Whenever you wonder at the sight of the heavens or take something apart to know how it works, you are connecting to the archetypal forces of the Wizard. Behind every great inventor was an insatiable curiosity for knowledge. Through intense study and practice, what once seemed impossible will become second nature. To others, it will look as if it were effortless magic.
Connecting with the Wizard Archetype can help you understand how and why you pursue information. When you draw this card, examine your relationship to pursuing knowledge. How do you explore the mysteries of life? How do you add to the vast body of human experience? How does your ego attach to knowing the right answer?


The Judge holds the essence of authority and order. The Judge Archetype can be found in referees, teachers, parents, or wherever a decision must be made. He is looked up to for his transpersonal wisdom and rationale. He is in a place of authority to create order out of conflict.

The Judge must balance the needs of the individual against the needs of society. The Judge uses reason and analysis to separate truths from lies. Therefore, he studies law, philosophy, and history to make well-informed decisions. He must discard his personal biases and objectively evaluate the broader issues and higher truths at play.

The Judge must be careful of using his position of authority to manipulate others. If his decisions have hidden agendas or he loses compassion, he will fall into a corrupt Judge’s Shadow. He will look for reasons to justify his preconceived notions. He mustn’t decide based on his emotional biases. The Judge finds his moral compass becoming eroded, leading to pandering and misconduct, or any abuse of his authority.
Working with the Judge Archetype can be difficult. It asks you to be both sincerely compassionate while simultaneously rigidly protecting order. When this card appears, look at how you create order and equality in your decisions. How do you ensure rational decisions and unravel your unconscious biases?