Pull a Single Card

Use this simple One Card Reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional and psychological state. Click the card to turn it over. Cards from the Masculine Archetype Deck.


The Mentor artfully guides others to knowledge. He takes interest and pleasure in helping others realize their potential. Mentors don’t just throw information at a student but create a safe, stimulating place for them to explore.

A sincere Mentor can profoundly affect a child, co-worker, or loved one. He can become a source of wisdom, teaching, and support. The Mentor provides a guiding light as a role model. Giving the student an example of the type of person they can become.

The Mentor must not lecture to prove his expertise or try to use the student to fulfill a goal they could never reach. If in alignment with their highest purpose, the Mentor can gift the world with knowledge that will pass down the ages.

When the Mentor card appears, look at how you are supporting others in their growth. Are you passing your skills on to others? Do you strive to empower the development of your children, community, or friends?

Three-Card Spread

This Three-Card Spread can add more dimensions to your reading. One card points you in the general direction, while three gives you a more detailed map. 

Try one of the following options for the spread:

  • Past / Present / Future  
  • Current situation / Obstacle / Advice  
  • Situation / Action / Outcome  

2, Call To Change

The “call to adventure” can come like a whisper or resound like a devastating earthquake. This stage of the journey is a problem or challenge you can no longer ignore. You know deep down that something has to shift.

The call asks you to depart from the safe world and enter the unknown. Will you listen to the first whisper? If you don’t, then it will ultimately escalate to a clamor. Change doesn’t have to come from disaster, but it will eventually unless you take action. An example would be becoming disengaged at work. Being unproductive will ultimately get you fired. Finding a new job could add a new sense of vigor and purpose to your life. Eventually, you will have to leave the work you hate. The question is, will you do it proactively and honorably.

At this stage, look to your center of gravity. When you give yourself to silence, what questions keep coming up that won’t go away? Is there something in your life, your personality, society, or community you would like to see change? What Archetypes could you work with to bring
about this change?


The Romantic gains pleasure by making others feel special. He desires to share intimacy and connection. This inspires him to share acts of kindness and tokens of affection. He uses his imagination to bring excitement to the world.

The Romantic invests his creative energy into making others feel desired. He uses the sensual tools of poetry, gifts, wine, and touch.

The Romantic must be careful not to use his charm for manipulation.
A gift given with expectations is no longer a gift. There is also a big difference between romance and coercion. When working with the Romantic Archetype, make sure there is an undercurrent of respect and mutual empowerment in your actions.

Romantic energy doesn’t just have to be towards a Lover. Writing love letters to your siblings, having a solo cup of tea, or sharing dinner with friends are all ways you can cultivate Romance in your life.
When working with the Romantic Archetype, look to how you can cultivate relationships with integrity.

1. Status-Quo

The Hero’s Journey begins in ordinary life. This first stage of the “Status Quo” can feel like the days run together, indistinguishable, mundane, comfortably numb. It’s easy not to recognize this state of dullness until it’s taken from you.
The Status Quo represents the calm before the storm. It is a moment of rest. It’s needed, but If you stay too long, stagnation and decay will set in. This might look like working an unfulfilling job, being in a codependent relationship, or finding yourself filling your days with distractions to
numb the boredom.

When this card appears, ask yourself what in your life feels comfortable and continual. What feels dull? Are there any nagging life questions you avoid? Look at how you are stepping into change or hiding from it.