One Card Reading

Use this simple One Card Reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional and psychological state. Click the card to turn it over. Cards from the Masculine Archetype Deck.

7. Final Approach

The Final Approach is the decisive test of character. The Hero sees the battle ahead and must face his fears and consciously advance into the abyss. Such action may induce a calm before the storm or a moment of deafening quiet; it may even the Hero lose resolve. Internal battles of determination and confidence and discomfort might churn.

The Final Approach can lead to a crisis of identity. The Hero must believe in himself. He must know he is worthy and strong enough to face the Supreme Ordeal ahead.

Internally this stage asks you to look deep into the shadows of your being. Have you embodied the changes of your quest? Have you gathered the aid needed? If you believe in yourself, the change has already happened, the rest will unfold. If you don’t, you can feel lost in the Final Approach. Look to your goal and recommit, then take the step forward, knowing that you will succeed.

Three-Card Spread

This Three-Card Spread can add more dimensions to your card reading. One card points you in the general direction, while three gives you a more detailed map. 

Try one of the following options for the spread:

  • Past / Present / Future  
  • Current situation / Obstacle / Advice  
  • Situation / Action / Outcome  


The Comedian laughs at the paradoxes of the world. He uses humor to bring levity and illuminate hypocrisy. His infectious joy and light-heartedness can bring comfort to those around him.

A good joke takes impeccable timing, tact, and observation. That is why the Comedian has to be heart-open to life. He has to take in all the pain and find the hidden ridiculousness. This allows him to transform and release the tension of a room with his wit.

If not careful, the Comedian can fall into the trap of using humor as a shield. His jokes can diffuse intimacy. He must realize that not all tension is terrible. Humor can bring delight to life, but he shouldn’t rely on using jokes to avoid underlying pain.

Whenever you enjoy the journey for the journey’s sake, you are connecting to the Comedian. The Comedian can remind you to make space for play. Relationships are more likely to last if you can find humor, even when working through hardship.


The Inventor is skilled in turning his imaginations into physical reality. The Inventor enjoys repairing, fixing, and tinkering with things to know how they work. At his heart, the Inventor loves to create.
Even though he’s practical, the Inventor still takes wild risks in the name of discovery. The Inventor does not view himself as artistic but rather as pragmatic and scientific.

If the Inventor isn’t careful, he can become withdrawn, egotistical, and unaware of others. If he becomes too obsessed, he can become impatient with other people’s intelligence. It makes him seem insensitive and rude. The Inventor would do well to remember to take time away from his experiments. It’s vital to socialize and enjoy life. Being left alone in his thoughts for too long might lead to madness, like a web designer tweaking a complex interface with no real substance or practical use behind it.

The Inventor’s talent comes from his love of experimentation.
He doesn’t look at failure as a problem, but an exciting discovery, one more piece of the puzzle that brings him that much closer to a breakthrough.


The Sovereign wields power to create harmony, both internally and externally. When his surroundings become chaotic, he remains cool, calm, and collected—taking action rather than reacting. He strives for prosperity, security, and stability.
The highest function of the Sovereign is as a harmonizing force. He uses reason and rationality to integrate the different facets of himself. Planning, strategizing, and taking practical steps are his strengths. The Sovereign skills of strategy, collaboration, and leadership are needed when building something beyond the individual. He uses the resources available to him to bring bounty to himself and his community.
The Sovereign’s actions should empower others and balance personal freedom with the security of the greater good. If he unfairly forces his will on others, he falls into the egoic Shadow of the Oppressor. If his ego is left unchecked, he can believe that he deserves more resources, fame, and attention than others. The Sovereign’s kingdom will eventually be destroyed from within unless he can adequately utilize his influence to benefit others as much as himself.
Connecting with Sovereign energy is best done by looking within. If you cannot manage the complexities of your thoughts, feelings, and desires, you will have a hard time being a positive leader. The Sovereign Archetype is as much about a personal balance as it is creating harmony around you.
When you draw this card, consider how you lead yourself and your community. Ask yourself how you prioritize your time and values.
How do you set plans in motion and reach your goals? Do your pursuits raise others up as much as yourself? How could you bring stability and harmony to the world?