One Card Reading

Use this simple One Card Reading to help you gain a deeper understanding of your emotional and psychological state. Click the card to turn it over. Cards from the Masculine Archetype Deck.


The Scribe finds purpose in the integrity of knowledge and adding his mark to humanity’s vast observations. The Scribe is drawn to understand the historical context, recording current events to protect the wisdom of the ages and eras. This can lead the Scribe to pursue writing, art, studies in antiquity, journalism, and photography.

The Scribe’s weakness can be hubris. He can become frustrated by others’ lack of education and think of himself as superior. The Scribe’s Shadow can manifest as plagiarizing or twisting facts to portray what he believes is of higher moral stature. Like, for instance, a news anchor that edits an interview to misrepresent the facts. Acts like this can poison the very integrity of knowledge that the Scribe is trying to preserve.

When you draw the Scribe, consider the lineage of human discovery and how your unique voice can add to the vast volumes of knowledge.
You can gain a lot of wisdom by looking at the history propelling
you forward.

Three-Card Spread

This Three-Card Spread can add more dimensions to your card reading. One card points you in the general direction, while three gives you a more detailed map. 

Try one of the following options for the spread:

  • Past / Present / Future  
  • Current situation / Obstacle / Advice  
  • Situation / Action / Outcome  


The Caretaker offers physical and emotional support to others.
He is moved by compassion and a desire to help, be it friends, strangers, or even foes. The Caregiver generously gives his time to those in need.

If one is out of balance, the Caregiver can get trapped in a cycle of trying to “fix” everything. He can overwork himself to the point of exhaustion and is prone to martyrdom. The Caregiver’s intentions to help others can sometimes enable lousy behavior in those he cares for. If he gives without any boundaries, he can be taken advantage of and find himself in a codependent relationship. His desire to help others has to be balanced with his self-care.

The Caregiver draws people to himself by his innate altruistic personality. This Archetype can manifest itself in different types of relationships, from caring for your parents, children, lovers, and community. When you draw this card, ask yourself to examine how you care for people in your life.
Do you take the time to nature others? If you do, how do you find a balance between sacrifice and self-care?


The Wizard searches for knowledge and innovation in all fields.
He finds pleasure in learning new skills, studying, and experimentation to expand his understanding of the world. This pursuit can be for the arcane or the scientific. He doesn’t live just to eat, drink, and sleep. A Wizard is truly alive when learning something new.
When everyone else deals with inconveniences by turning a blind eye, the Wizard will face the problem straight on and dream up new solutions. He explores the liminal spaces, the unknown, and his imagination’s vastness to develop original ideas. This fuels his drive to invent, write, and create.
The Wizard naturally inspires others, initiating them on their path of self-discovery. He doesn’t hoard knowledge but shares it freely. However, suppose the Wizard connects his self-worth with his intellect. In that case, he can fall into the Archetype’s Shadow Aspects, distorting and manipulating the truth for his gain.
Whenever you wonder at the sight of the heavens or take something apart to know how it works, you are connecting to the archetypal forces of the Wizard. Behind every great inventor was an insatiable curiosity for knowledge. Through intense study and practice, what once seemed impossible will become second nature. To others, it will look as if it were effortless magic.
Connecting with the Wizard Archetype can help you understand how and why you pursue information. When you draw this card, examine your relationship to pursuing knowledge. How do you explore the mysteries of life? How do you add to the vast body of human experience? How does your ego attach to knowing the right answer?


The Romantic gains pleasure by making others feel special. He desires to share intimacy and connection. This inspires him to share acts of kindness and tokens of affection. He uses his imagination to bring excitement to the world.

The Romantic invests his creative energy into making others feel desired. He uses the sensual tools of poetry, gifts, wine, and touch.

The Romantic must be careful not to use his charm for manipulation.
A gift given with expectations is no longer a gift. There is also a big difference between romance and coercion. When working with the Romantic Archetype, make sure there is an undercurrent of respect and mutual empowerment in your actions.

Romantic energy doesn’t just have to be towards a Lover. Writing love letters to your siblings, having a solo cup of tea, or sharing dinner with friends are all ways you can cultivate Romance in your life.
When working with the Romantic Archetype, look to how you can cultivate relationships with integrity.