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Awakening the
Masculine eBook

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Activity and Guidebook

Occult sun symbol representing masculinity
Explore the Masculine

The Awakening the Masculine book gives you a framework for exploring your psyche. This guidebook explores the five Masculine Archetypes within the HeroRise system; Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign

Each of the Archetypes can be viewed as different psychological patterns used to explore who you are. Creating a conscious relationship with the various Archetypes can help you embody mature and balanced Masculinity.

What's in the book?

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The eBook explores what Archetypes are and how you can utilize them to find balance and strength in Masculinity. The eBook includes activities you can use to your relationship with the Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign archetypes.

Awakening the Masculine eBook includes:

  • Introductions to the Five Masculine Archetypes
  • Archetype test to uncover your strengths and weaknesses
  • 11 activities
  • All original artwork from the HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck

Who is this for?

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This book is for anyone interested in exploring Masculinity. No matter your biology, assigned gender at birth, or sexual orientation. The way you have come to this work can be as rich and complex as Masculinity itself.

Masculinity touches every aspect of society, and anyone can gain from creating a conscious relationship with it. 

eBook is free / by donation

empowering the Masculine

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