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Masculine Archetypes


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Integrating the Archetypes within

Why do you feel trapped and confused?

Something inside you is questioning your Masculinity – Looking to understand how you cultivate it in your life. This search can have you questioning your relationships, sexuality, confidence, and identity. 

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But where do you even start?

You are given so many conflicting definitions of masculinity. Are you supposed to be strong or sensitive? Stoic or open-hearted? Society has so many opinions and projections, but how do you discover a healthy masculinity that fits your unique path?

Masculine Archetypes are the key

Archetypes can be used to recognize, develop, and connect to positive Masculinity. Archetypes give you a tangibly way to explore your psyche and break free from unhealthy patterns. Giving you a framework to explore your unique masculinity. 

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Be Your Best Self

Connect to a deeper and richer Masculinity.

Expand your identity

Learn to understand yourself through different archetypal lenses. Giving a wider view of who and what you can be. 

Regain control

Break free off that negative voice in your head by reclaiming your healthy masculinity.

Integrate your Shadow

We all hold pain within the shadow aspects of masculinity. Facing these darker parts and transforming brings deep healing and grounding.

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Who is this Course for?

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This course is for anyone interested in exploring Masculinity. No matter your biology, assigned gender at birth, or sexual orientation. 

  • Men seeking to find strength and balance in their Masculinity
  • Women in search of their Masculine energy
  • Non-Binary people looking to explore the complexity of gender

The way you have come to this work can be as rich and complex as Masculinity itself. Masculinity touches every aspect of society, and anyone can gain from creating a conscious relationship with it. 

About your instructor?

Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change. 

He has spent over a decade facilitating dance events, hosting music retreats, and mentoring artist. 

The HeroRise gave Isaac another platform to inspire others on there creative purpose. He has seen the transformative power of self-discovery through symbols and rituals and created the deck as another tool for those along the path. 

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Get ready to awaken the Masculine Archetypes within you. Take a look at what you’ll learn in each module, plus a few bonuses along the way.


General overview:

The course is broken down into 7 weeks, each has its own module. After the course is done you will have lifetime access to the course, so jump back in whenever you need a refresher.

In this first week, we will be exploring what Masculinity is on a personal and cultural level. Then we will explore the philosophy behind Archetypes, Shadow work, and how to begin this journey. 

This week we will be exploring the Warrior with activities, meditations, and writing prompts. 


This week we will be exploring the Wizard with activities, meditations, and writing prompts. 


This week we will be exploring the Father with activities, meditations, and writing prompts. 


This week we will be exploring the Lover with activities, meditations, and writing prompts. 


This week we will be exploring the Sovereign with activities, meditations, and writing prompts. 


During the last week, I will give you practical ways you can utilize this knowledge in your daily life.

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Masculine Archetype Course

Awakening your connection with the Masculine Archetypes and move past the hidden patterns that hold you back.

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Special Bonus for the Launch!

For the launch of this course on September 19th I will be hosting a live call once a week for the length of the course.

This will give you an opportunity to dive deeper into practicing with Archetypes and connecting to the community of fellow seekers.  

You will have the option of joining in Sunday Evening at 7pm PST or Thursday at 1pm PST.

Join me for this special launch of the course!


NOTE: These calls are an added bonus. If it doesn’t fit your schedule, that is fine. The course can be watched at your own speed and you will have unlimited access to the videos / materials.