Twin Flame as Friends? Guide to Platonic Connection

Are you struggling to understand whether you and your twin flame can just be friends?

Are you desperate to keep them in your life but don’t know how?

This article will outline three simple steps to a platonic relationship with your twin flame; supporting you to make the best decision possible.

Can Twin Flames be Platonic Friends?

The answer to this depends on individual circumstances.

The romantic aspect is a very important part of the Twin Flame connection which creates a strong bond between the divine masculine and feminine.

It is possible that one, or both twin flames, may not feel a romantic connection at times, however, with such a strong sense of recognition, paired with intensely polarised dynamics they will inevitably have romantic feelings for each other at some point on their twin flame journey.

It seems that most twin flames feel ‘magnetically’ drawn to each other and it is not unusual for them to gravitate back towards each other even after weeks, months, or years apart.

This can be a hugely intense and tumultuous process and leave both divine counterparts feeling as if they are having their heart broken time and time again.

Whilst your connection may be strong, sometimes psychic, and feel as if it is the most natural bond in the world, there is much to be considered when choosing whether to have a platonic friendship with your twin flame.

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Twin Flame Friendship: What It Feels Like

A Twin Flame friendship has the potential to feel soul-shakingly beautiful; it’s a relationship where you are recognized as your true self.

There is nothing to hide and you may feel that your twin flame understands you more than anyone else in the world. There will always be a sense of intimacy, even if it is not in the physical sense and your conversations and connection may feel simply divine.

You may be able to read each other’s minds, feel each other’s pain and tune into each other energetically. In fact, in comparison, other friendships may feel clunky and frustrating.

Many people report having wonderful friendships with their twin flames.

Some say that they simply ‘enjoy each other’s company so much.’ Others say that being friends has made them ‘closer than ever!’ It appears that if you can relax into your connection, without having any hope or expectations of it working out in a romantic sense, then a beautiful friendship can form.

Many people feel that their Twin Flame can be a guiding force in their lives, picking them up when their down and reflecting the honest truth back to them in any given situation. This can feel like an extremely comforting and soul-expanding relationship – a friendship of the deepest form.

However, navigating to this place of platonic comfort and ease with your twin flame may take patience and time.

Even those who say that they are now best friends with their Twin Flame report ‘years of daily crying’ over the acceptance of the loss of the romantic aspect of their connection.

Twin Flame Separation and Friendships: Can it Work?

Twin Flame separation and platonic friendships can work. In fact, spending time with your Twin Flame on a friendship-based level can be beneficial for you both. It can speed up your personal and spiritual growth, it can teach you more about your deepest core wounds and shadows.

This can be an incredibly eye-opening, soul-expanding experience and support you to understand not only your twin flame but yourself on a deeper level.

The real question is, what might separation do to your friendship? And how can you navigate this?

1. At times separation may feel easier than being in contact with your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame knows every aspect of your soul – they can see straight through you; your strengths, your light, your pain, and your shadows.

Having your shadow self being constantly triggered and reflected back to you can be an exhausting process, especially if you have not had the time and space to deepen your understanding of these core wounds and heal from the inside out.

At some point in your twin flame journey, even as a friend, you or your twin flame may need some time out from the connection to work on yourself.

This time it may last days, months, or even years.

There is no timeline or rules when it comes to the Twin Flame connection, it depends on what each individual has going on in their lives and how ready they are to face the deepest parts of themselves.

If you are able to accept that even as a friend, your twin flame may come and go, then absolutely you are ready to have a platonic relationship with your twin flame.

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2. You or they may meet someone else.

It is inevitable that either you or your twin flame will meet other soul mates on your journey.

This may occur whilst you are in separation, or maybe even whilst you are in contact with each other – there is a high possibility that at some point, either one or both of you will want to explore a romantic connection with someone else.

If you have previously had a romantic relationship with your Twin Flame this can be a hard pill to swallow.

Even if you have both mutually agreed to date other people, it can still be heart-wrenching to see your best friend (and ex-lover) falling for someone else. If you are TRULY able to accept that your Twin Flame may fall in love with someone else, then yes – you are ready to have a platonic friendship with your Twin Flame.

However, you must consider: how will this affect the other people involved?

A deep, intense, soul-stirring friendship may be what you want, but is it best for your twin flame and their potential new partner?

Being in contact with your Twin Flame can stir up many emotions for the third person involved, as they may feel inadequate when they see your deep connection and hear about the intensity of your conversations.

If you really care about your twin flame, you may simply have to let them go and accept that they have new priorities. This can be excruciating, as you may feel a massive loss with the changing of dynamics between you both.

However, take faith in the fact that by clearing this space in your life, you are opening up to the possibility of receiving a whole new, beautiful intimate connection. Perhaps, even the love of your life.

3. Rules do not exist.

When it comes to a twin flame relationship, rules do not exist.

  • Some Twin Flames fall into romantic partnerships and spend the rest of their lives in union.
  • Some Twin Flames get stuck in the runner/chaser dynamic for ten years or more.
  • Some Twin Flames see their Twin Flame fall in love with someone else and simply hold love in their heart for them from a distance, smiling at the memories and lessons that they learnt along the way.
  • Some Twin Flames surrender to the fact that they are simply not meant to be together and then thirty years later, suddenly reconnect.
  • Others become best friends; picking each other up and calling each other out on the most beautifully messy parts of our human selves.

A Twin Flames is undeniably one of the most beautiful, soul-churning connections that you may ever experience in your life. However, there are no set rules, no ideals and there is no clear path on the Twin Flame journey.

It is up to you to decide whether you can deal with the ambiguity of not knowing how everything will turn out.

If you feel the need to control, your relationship will not work out; it will crash and burn under the intensity of such expectations. However, if you are able to step into the flow and simply accept your Twin Flame connection for what it is, at each moment in time – you may experience the purest form of friendship laced with unconditional love and understanding.

You may now feel more equipped to make your own decision as to whether you are ready to engage with your Twin Flame on a platonic level. However, the big question is – what happens when only one of you wants to ‘just be friends?’

One of Us Wants to ‘Just Be Friends’

If one of you wants to ‘just be friends’ – it is not up to them to decide whether the connection continues or not – it is up to the other counterpart and where they are currently at in their feelings for the other.  

If your Twin Flames says to you ‘can we just be friends?’ get completely and brutally honest with yourself… Are you truly able to let go of the hope and idea that you may never reunite in a romantic sense again?

If so, great! Go ahead and pursue a no expectations kind of friendship with your Twin Flame. However, if there is any doubt or any aching in your heart – think carefully before proceeding with such a connection. It will only end in emotional turmoil, triggering, and tension.

If your Twin flame is wanting more, but you are just wanting to be friends – think carefully.

A deep, intense friendship may be just what you want, but think how this might affect your Twin Flame.

If you truly love and respect this person, even simply as a friend, you may need to be cruel to be kind.

You may need to set new boundaries or it might be wise to cut the connection completely for the time being. At first, this may be intensely painful for your Twin, but ultimately you will be supporting them on their journey back to themselves.  

In Conclusion:

You can never lose the love or connection between you and your Twin Flame.

You or your Twin Flame may not choose to be in romantic union with each other in this lifetime – and that is totally okay.

It is simply up to you to decide whether you can truly accept this fact. If you can truly accept this and understand that: at times separation may feel easier than being in contact with your Twin Flame, that you or they might meet someone else and that rules do not exist then you are ready to experience a platonic friendship with your Twin Flame.

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