Divine Masculine Energy: How to Awaken the Sacred Masculine

Along our spiritual path, we have the opportunity to connect to our Divine Masculine. Connecting to the Sacred Masculine can bring balance to our relationships, empower our daily lives, and be a valuable tool in our evolution. 

In this article, we will be exploring how to recognize and empower the Divine Masculine essence within you. (no matter your biological gender) 

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Difference between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Within each of us lies the dualistic energy of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. They are the energy of action (Masculine) and reception(Feminine). Understanding how these energies move through you can help you find balance in your life. 

Divine Masculine TraitsDivine Feminine Traits

These traits can be found in anyone, no matter their gender. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that all people possess this energy (yin and yang), and sickness can occur when stagnation happens or one of these energetic circuits gets blocked. 

Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, also believed that men and women connected to both genders within themselves through the Anima and Animus

Each of us has access to the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy. 

And most people have more Masculine or Feminine energy. I like to think of it as a scale from Masculine to Feminine, and the center being neutral. 

How we interact in a relationship might also be different. You might have strong feminine energy, but your partner might have even stronger feminine energy – leading you to express more masculine energy in the relationship. 

Understanding how to balance these sacred energies in yourself and your partners is a vital aspect of a healthy and potent life. 

Benefits of Awakening the Divine Masculine

To be a whole being, we must activate our Masculine and Feminine energy. This does not mean we have to always be in that energy, but allowing it to express itself once and a while is essential. 

Here are some benefits from connecting with the Divine Masculine essence within you.

  • Strong Self-confidence
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Efficiency and strategy
  • Mental clarity
  • Emotional balance
  • Healthy boundaries
  • More self-assertiveness
  • Centered Willpower
  • Self-discipline

Signs of Imbalanced Divine Masculine Energy

When you are out of alignment with your Divine Masculine, it can negatively impact your life. Here is a list of signs that you might have an imbalance:

  • Not comfortable being alone
  • Getting in fights over facts and transactions
  • Being upset when things don’t go your way
  • Feeling confused and lacking clarity/purpose
  • Looking to others for validation
  • Procrastination and inability to take action
  • Low self-esteem

How to Activate and Empower Divine Masculine Energy

When you start on your journey of Masculinity, it can be hard to know where to start. You might hear vague things like “become more vulnerable” or “open to your masculinity.” Over the last ten years of my life, I have been deep in this work, and I want to share a list of things that will help you become empowered in Masculinity. 

Things that are tangible, trackable, and approachable. 

1. Gather a Team

You can’t undertake this journey alone. There are too many blind spots and unknown traps that can stop your progress. Having a team, you can rely on will help you stay true to your goals of self-discovery. 

hands team gathering aid

This team will be your foundation and bedrock.

Here is a list of team members, guides, and mentors that can help you during this process.

  • Therapist: A therapist has a skill set that allows them to be a mirror into themselves. They can hold space for you in a powerful way and help teach you mental health and growth tools. Every successful man or woman I have ever meet has worked with a Therapist. Every single one… that isn’t a coincidence. 
  • Men’s groups (such as The Unshakable Man or Sacred Sons): A men’s group helps create regular accountability. It can act similar to group therapy as well as a community you can rely on. Surrounding yourself with others undergoing the same journey will help you find solace and camaraderie along the path.

    If you don’t identify as a man and want to explore gender/Masculinity. In that case, you can also join a group of like-minded people. Even online forums or Reddit can act as a community you can learn from. 

  • Books: Granted, a book isn’t a person you can talk to, but they can be amazing guides. I have learned so much by reading Iron John and The Way Of The Superior Man.  Check out my list of recommended books around Masculinity. 
  • Lover/ Partner: If you are in a relationship, your partner can be an amazing ally along your path. Masculinity is in relation to the Feminine. Creating a safe space to explore this dynamic in your partner can lead to amazing healing. 

2. Meditation

I started my journey of self-discovery in my 20’s (over 10 years ago). I constantly heard people talk about how amazing meditation is. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Why was sitting in silence helpful?

When I tried, it drove me mad. So I gave it up.

Instead, I did all sorts of things. I practiced rituals, read volumes of works, joined different men’s groups, and filled my time.

A few years back, I gave meditation a real go, and I got to say… I was missing out.

There is so much to be gained through meditation. If you do it for just 20 minutes a day, I guarantee you will be a different person after six months. It helps you find grounding, security in yourself, lowers stress, and helps you move through life with mindfulness.

If you are truly interested in your growth, I HIGHLY suggest you start a meditation practice.

3. Explore Your Masculine Archetypes

One of the most potent tools in exploring Masculinity is working with Archetypes. Archetypes allow you to explore the depths of your psyche – giving you a framework you can use to understand the different aspects of your identity. 

I like to think of Archetypes as lenses that are focused on one aspect of your life. For instance, looking at the 5 masculine archetypes of Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign, you have a template of what it means to be a fully realized person. 

The five Masculine Archetypes:

Warrior: dedication and action
Wizard: Knowledge and wisdom
Father: Nurturing and providing
Lover: Sensual and present
Sovereign: Harmonious and strategic

You can look at which aspect is stuck, stunted, or even overdeveloped. 

Archetypes are a collection of symbols that represent the various roles we can play throughout our life. These archetypes are derived from ancient mythologies and religions. They are giving you a template to see the different parts of your personality.

This is about tapping into the creativity surrounding masculine energy and not being afraid to explore it differently.

I created a free eBook that included activities you can use to embody the different masculine archetypes. It’s a great starting point to help you reconnect/deepen your relationship with Masculinity.

The e-Book is a great starting point in exploring Masculinity, or you can check out the HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck.

Mobile Book
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Awakening the
Masculine eBook

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Activity and Guidebook

4. Face Your Shadows

Another big part of this work is facing the repressed aspects of your psyche. 

Shadow work can help you come to terms with past trauma. It can help you get “unstuck” or move past patterns that keep getting in your way. 

“The Shadow is a moral problem that challenges the whole ego-personality, for no one can become conscious of the Shadow without considerable moral effort. To become conscious of it involves recognizing the dark aspects of the personality as present and real. This act is the essential condition for any kind of self-knowledge.” — Carl Jung, Aion (1951)

Working with the Shadow Aspects will give you a deeper understanding of your internal process and patterns. Allowing you to grow beyond past wounds.

Shadow work will come up a lot when working with a Therapist or in a Men’s Group. 

Another way you can explore your Shadow is through journaling. I have found Kate Tunstall’s work to be a great resource. She has an article on her blog that shares writing prompts when working with the Shadow.

5. Deconstruct Your Social Conditioning

Masculinity is both personal, spiritual, and cultural. 

When you undergo the work of Masculinity and connect to your Divine Masculine, it is important that you also look at the cultural interaction of gender and social norms. 

If you don’t, masculinity work can be a form of spiritual bypassing. 

Try to explore how society has conditioned your behavior. For example:

  • Men Don’t cry. Otherwise, they are wimps.
  • Men must be stoic and hold their emotions in.
  • A successful man has lots of money, riches, and a wife.
  • Masculinity is always in charge of the household and all responsibilities.
  • Masculinity is only for men.

Breaking down these stereotypes and decoupling them from your own experience of Masculinity is important. 

Many of us are brought up with oppressive beliefs that perpetuate Toxic Masculinity, racism, classism, and misogyny. To truly undertake the journey of the Divine Masculine, you must face these darker aspects.

You can’t ignore these conditionings. 

Instead, try to consciously understand the power dynamics in play within our culture that suppresses/distort aspects of Masculinity.

If you would like to learn more, check out these two articles:

6. Ritual and Affirmations

Rituals are symbolic actions you can take that speak to your subconscious. In many ways, they are affirmations or stories you tell yourself over and over.

If you were told you are an amazing, attractive, and charismatic person every day, you would probably start believing it. Better than that… you would probably start acting that way because you believe it.

That is the essence of ritual.

tarot cards on altar for spreads

Using ritual in your exploration of the Divine Masculine can be a powerful way to awaken your full potential.

One of the most potent rituals I undertook around my Masculinity was reading an invocation every morning for six months. I was working with archetypes and decided to write a simple 5min invocation, which is more of an affirmation at its essence.

It helped me get in touch with the masculine archetypes within me.

After six months, I felt grounded in my divine Masculinity. I believed in it, and in turn, increased it in my life. This invocation was the seed that eventually turned into the Masculine Archetype Deck and the blog you are reading.

Below is the invocation.

Invocation of the Eternal Masculine

The eternal Masculine Archetypes lives within me.
I am Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign.

I embrace the Warrior within
I skillfully destroy that which does not serve me
Releasing all compulsions to act unconsciously.
I protect and defend with mindful purpose.
I am one with balance and force
Valor and Might

I embrace the Wizard within
I draw from hidden knowledge and seek the essential
Dedicating to an ever-expanding consciousness
Wielding my talents in the pursuit of excellence
I am one with the prophetic and profane
Will and wisdom

I embrace the Father within
Dedicating to a selfless love
I compassionately encourage, nurture, and provide
for my community, my children, and all life.
I am one with respect and forgiveness
Authority and patience

I embrace the Lover within
I am infatuated with the intimate beauty of life
I express my sensual dreams in words, deeds, and art
To charm and inspire others
I am one with the erotic and romantic
Tender and free

Being in balance with Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover
I step into the fullness of the Sovereign within
I am the harmonizing principle, the subjugator of chaos, the uniter of opposites.
I utilize the wealth of my tools to bring bounty, boundless, and bless to all that I love.

And I find the totality within myself
I am one with my responsibilities
my potency
my skills
my devotion
I am Warrior, Wizard, Father, Lover, and Sovereign.
I sit in the balanced strength of my Masculinity
powerful, loving, and aligned

Try reading this every morning for a few weeks. If you feel the practice helped you embody your Masculinity, try making a goal of reading it a few times a week for three months. It was incredibly powerful for me, and I hope it can help you along your path.

Divine masculine awakening signs and symptoms:

If you are unsure if you are on this journey of awakening / empowering the Masculine, there are a few signs and symptoms you can look for. 

1. A sudden change in habits and routine

When you are undergoing some sort of transformation, it is common to feel a shift in your daily life. It can look like new habits are forming (good and bad). It can be a change of hobbies or finding yourself drawn to new things. 

2. Your dreams are more vivid

Dreams are a reflection of your subconscious and deeper patterns within your psyche. Suppose you are suddenly getting more vivid dreams. In that case, it is a pretty good sign that you are undergoing some form of spiritual awakening. Try to pay particular attention to the symbols and meanings of your dreams.

3. Lots of synchronicities and déjà vu

Synchronicities are a great sign that you are on the right path. When things keep popping up, or you have a sense of déjà vu, it’s a good sign that you are doing something right. 

4. Sifts in relationships and how you relate to others

As you begin to change, you might find yourself moving away from certain friends and relationships. If your friends or partner don’t support your growth, it can become very hard to be around them. This means you are moving towards positive relationships and is a good sign of growth. 

5. Teachings and mentors find you

When you are ready to change your life, you will start seeing teachers, books, and conversations that pop up at just the right moment. Like having a friend suggest a book and getting that same suggestion three times in a few weeks. These are great signs and should be listened to. You might find the perfect teacher or teaching show up to help you along your path. 

6. A newfound curiosity

If you find yourself with child-like wonder, awe, and curiosity, then you are already on a path of discovery. Reading this blog is a sign that you have started this journey because you are curious. It’s important to keep that curiosity alive throughout your process.

When you feel a shift in how you relate to your Masculinity, it will cause ripples in your life and relationship. Paying attention to those shifts can help you recognize the change and help you follow your path to awakening the Divine Masculine within you. 

Balance your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

Within each of us is the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. No matter your biology. 

Carl Jung, father of depth psychology, believed that a “whole” person balances these two energies within them. He called them Anima and Animus. 

When awakening the Divine Masculine, it is important to not cast aside the Feminine within you. Instead, embrace both of these energies. 

I really like the explanation of these two energies in tantra by Alissa Vitti, writer of WomanCode:

Tantra—an Eastern philosophy that believes the universe is created by and made up of masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies that infuse all things.

Both energies exist within each of us in varying amounts. Learning how to engage both fully is what ends up making a person psychologically, emotionally, and physically well. Just as you wouldn’t operate a remote control with only one battery, you need both of these energies as your power sources. They’re necessary tools for shaping your life.” – Alissa Vitti

To balance these energies, welcome both the Masculine and Feminine into your life. Take time to cultivate your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. 

Here is a list that can help you explore and increase the different energies within you:

Increase the Divine MasculineIncrease the Divine Feminine
Do Something CompetitiveCreate Art
Work on a project or goalNurture others
Push your physical strengthAct from your Intuition
Create strong boundaries in relationshipsExpress your emotions

In Conclusion:

In my 20’s I felt utterly lost around my masculinity. I didn’t know where to turn, or where to start. 

Over the years I followed the breadcrumbs. Working with Archetypes, learning about my masculinity, and taking time to awaken my Divine Masculine essence has given my life so much more meaning.

It’s important to remember that this is a path, not a destination. 

You will be constantly evolving and growing as a person, so don’t beat yourself up for not being “perfect” today. It’s not about wistfully looking to your future, but celebrating your improvement from a day ago… a year ago. As long as you are walking on the path, you are succeeding. 

When in alignment with your Divine Masculine Energy you will find a deep sense of purpose and presence. By no means will you be perfect, but pursuing the Divine Masculine is a lifetime endeavor that will bear amazing fruits in your relationships and life. 

One of the most powerful tools I have found for exploring the Divine Masculine has been working with Archetypes. Check out the Masculine Archetype deck I created.  I also have a free PDF with activities and explanations of the Archetypes. 

Wishing you luck on your path. 

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