Using Tarot for Twin Flame Readings: The Right Way!

Using Tarot for a twin flame reading is an excellent way to get insight into the future of your relationships. Whether you’re just starting out or have been together for years.

You deserve to know what’s in store for your love life and how best to prepare yourself and your partner. That’s why we’ve put together these tips on using Tarot as an aid in understanding twin flame energy. 

Using Tarot for Twin Flame Relationships

Tarot readings can help you navigate the tricky nature of a Twin Flame relationship. A reading can help you find clarity and guide you in finding your twin flame and/or navigating a relationship.

Tarot and oracle decks can be a great way to center yourself and contemplate your situation. When you are contemplating a future partner or dealing with current relationship issues, you don’t want to be reacting in an unbalanced way. That will just cause more pain.

Tarot gives you a slower space to explore what is happening, and find a balanced way of moving forward.

Doing a reading can help you Understand:

This will help prepare you for love, connection, and your twin flame.

What tarot cards to use in a twin flame reading?

There are certain cards that have a strong response with twin flame energy.

When I do readings, I find it useful to use a signifier card. This card will represent your energy. I usually place this in the center and spread out the rest of the cards around it. Here are a few signifier cards that are perfect for a twin flame reading:

  • Seeking Relationship: The Fool, The Magician
  • Starting New Relationships with Twin Flames: King of Cups, Ten of Wands
  • Ending Relationships with Twin Flames: Death, Death Reversed

Here are some other cards that I have a special meaning in a twin flame reading:

  • Ace of Cups signifies that you have found your twin flame or are about to find them, and it’s a sign that love will soon be in your life.
  • Ten of Pentacles shows “renewing old connections” which can mean reconnecting with people from the past who were once close friends but now haven’t been seen for some time – this could give hints as to where your Twin Flame may live!
  • The Lovers card is a powerful card that signifies deep and personal connections between two individuals. It can also represent a need to find a balance between two people who are equally matched intellectually and spiritually.
  • Six of Cups implies past memories and experiences and can point to past lives together.

What decks to use for a twin flame reading?

The deck you choose is important when doing a Twin Flame reading.

Many decks will work for a Twin Flame reading, but the Rider-Waite Tarot is the most popular and widely-used tarot deck for this type of reading. There are other tarot and oracle decks that can also be used specifically for this purpose.

Working with a deck that is specific for relationships can add more specificity to your reading. Here are three tarot decks that are perfect for this type of reading:

Tarot of Sexual Magic

A big part of a relationship is understanding the energy of your partner. It can be helpful to use an oracle deck to connect to the specific energy of your twin flame.

Oracle Deck for the Divine Masculine:

Oracle Deck for the Divine Feminine:

Twin Flame Spread

A twin Flame spread can be a helpful template for you to explore your connection with your Twin Flame. 

This Twin Flame Spread can be used if you are trying to discover your twin flame, or you are running into an issue in your relationship that you want to explore. 

When doing this spread, set a clear intention/question for the reading. A simple question might be, What should I know about my Twin Flame connection? Or, What can I do to bring my Twin Flame closer to me?

With a clearly stated question, draw 5 cards. 

  • The first card in the spread represents you at this moment. This card reflects where you are now, spiritually and emotionally.
  • The second card in the spread represents your twin flame. This card reflects where they are now, spiritually and emotionally.
  • The third card in the spread represents the shadows that need to be resolved. It both reflects what is happening and illustrates how you can work together to save your relationship.
  • The fourth card represented what will help to heal the shadow issues that are holding you and your twin flame back.
  • The fifth card in this spread represents the path to a brighter future.

Dangers of using a twin flame reading/psychic

A lot of people use tarot cards or psychics to find their other half, thinking that they are doing the right thing. It can be tempting when you feel like all hope has been lost. 

But beware, there’s a danger in this as well! 

There is also a danger in believing Tarot and Oracle cards are pure predictions of the future. 

They are not.

A reading helps you find clarity and points you in the right direction, but many things can get in the way. Your future is more of a sea of possibilities. Some futures have more magnetism, while others come and go. Tarot can help you move towards the future you want, but it is not a guarantee. 

So don’t obsess over the one person you are doing readings on, also be open to an unexpected surprise or new connection.

Another problem with working with cards and psychics is thinking that you can energetically spy on your twin flame.  You might have no idea what is going on with the person you love and so you hire someone who can give you insight in what they are experiencing. 

You want to know if they are feeling the same way you do. Or maybe you saw a picture on their timeline that triggered you and now you don’t know what to think – so you book a session with someone who can fill in the blanks for you.

These kinds of questions can be maddening. The reactions to triggers and the constant search for “knowing the answer”

When doing this work it is important to know that all things have their timing. 

You would be better spending your time working on your own inner-growth than obsessing over what you are missing. 

That being said, Tarot is a powerful tool when you are ready to explore the depths of your heart. It can help guide you towards your highest potential, just don’t use it to further an unhealthy obsession. 

In Conclusion

If you are exploring Twin Flame energy, I hope this reading has provided some clarity and guidance for your journey. The most important thing to remember is that the cards don’t control what happens – you do!

You can change any card’s outcome by making an intentional decision about how it will play out.

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