Twin Flames Relationship: Why is it Hard?

When you meet that special someone, a sudden burning feeling of passion will unexpectedly flow through you. It awakens your inner self and makes you realize that this person must be your twin flame. Being in a relationship with your twin flame could be tricky as it goes deep down to your soul level and this article will guide you to have a better understanding of how to keep both of your fires burning.

What makes it hard? The Spiritual Growth of the Twin Flames

Twin Flame relationships are challenging because it is a part of a spiritual awakening that is designed to help you remove the layers that have been holding you back from living your authentic self. The relationship can be a crucible for positive change.

A Divine Union brings about a lot of struggles to help you face the shadows and move towards your divine self.

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We asked our community at on Instagram about how hard people found their Twin Flame relationship. We found an overwhelming majority found it to be one of the hardest relationships they have ever had.

Here are some factors that may arise throughout your union.

  • Ego Dissolution – It is true that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and view on things but sometimes, being too caught up in your own emotions is making you a self-centered person. It is important for you to be aware that your partner is your exact mirror reflection; you may be seeing things or situations from different angles but then at the end, you have to understand that both of you are still looking in the same image.

  • Surrender – It is definitely alright to surrender to the universe if things don’t go your way. When you keep on fighting on something that’s not meant to be yours, then things won’t work out the way it should be. Twin Flames is related to the soul, and its blueprint DNA is a gift from our God.

    He both gave you this chance to unite for a sole purpose and you can trust that He has already planned all the ways on how your relationship will work out and grow. Again, trust the process.

  • Face your Shadow – Suppressing all the negativities by yourself will not truly help you in maintaining a good balance of your emotion and state of calmness. Throughout the process, it will slowly eat your motivation until it’s gone and that will surely affect not just your spirituality but also your partner’s. Facing that shadow and bring it to the light of the outside world, because through that is where you can have that true inner peace.

  • Self-love – There is a fine line between self-love and ego. The ego is considered “the false self” as it is centered on your beliefs and ideas of what you think you are. It is more of human nature than the person itself. Self-love is all about loving and adoring your true self.

    Letting go of your ego doesn’t mean that you are giving away your pride but it is embracing your flaws and accepting the real you. As the famous author Frank Sonnenberg said, “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?”

  • Honesty – Once you meet your twin, don’t pretend that you are someone else; be transparent and be open to each other. Most of the time, people create a façade to make others believe that they are someone different and that is where things go south. If there are things that need to get fixed, you must fix them together or karma may befall. Always do an honest examination of yourself to make sure that you’re in the right place.

As you continue to grow together, you will face some challenges along the way and you have to be prepared as this is part of the process. 

Dramas, hurt and argument is almost present every day especially to twin flames that have been together for a long time.

 It is normal to experience growing pains as you go further since this is the phase where you get to know more about yourself as some of your past karmas are slowly unveiled on their own.

Do twin flame relationships have to be difficult?

Being in a twin flame relationship is a spiritual journey involving the union of two souls. It could be frustrating if things don’t go your way; making you think that ‘this is just another lifetime of wasting energy and life force.’  

But does it really have to be that hard?

There will always be someone out there who will make you feel a lot of different emotions: love, anger, anxiety, excitement, fear, and so on, but your twin will make you feel all these kinds of emotions ten times a fold

It may be for the good or bad, but these situations will make you stronger as you survive. 

Our twins are designated to help us by pushing us to our limits as we become the better version of ourselves. Indeed, this is that kind of relationship that will give us the hardest experience in life but it exists so that we can discover our own path that leads to the revelation of our true self. 

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Making Twin Flame Relationships Easier

To have a proper grasp of this divine encounter, there are practices that can help us build a better connection to our soul’s other half.

Meditation – Sit quietly and relax as you dive into the vibration of your inner state of mind. The practice of meditation is not essential in the twin flame journey but it helps one to focus especially if they feel lost or their thoughts are getting out of control.  

Therapy – During the spiritual awakening process, it is normal to experience transition on your mind, body, and emotional structure; making you feel the so-called Ascension Symptoms. These are normal but seeking help from therapists will give you a better understanding of your current situation as these people are professionals and well-practiced in this field.  

Final Thoughts:

Twin Flames is more of a connection than a relationship. Its purpose is to give one the spiritual trigger to awaken your soul to a higher level. 

However, in some cases, it is one of the fundamentals of a strong relationship just like Jim & Amy; who instantly knew that they are twins who are meant to be together the moment they saw each other (About Us | ZeroPoint Shamanism).

It is vital to have a deeper understanding of what the Twin Flames Relationship is all about as it gives you proper guidance on your journey towards your spirituality.

If you are trying to understand the Divine Masculine in a relationship, check out the HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck. It can help you understand your twin flame relationship the spiritual journey you are undergoing.

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