Multiple Twin Flames: Can you have more than one TF relationship?

Do you have more than one Twin Flame?

Are you going crazy trying to figure out who is your real Twin Flame?

After years of pushing away other soul connections in hope that my Twin Flame would return, I write this in hope that you will not do the same.

This article will support you to understand:

  • whether you have a Twin Flame
  • why you may feel that you have more than one 
  • and whether you should date other people or wait for your Twin

Can you have more than one Twin Flame?

The theory is that a Twin Flame is one soul split into two bodies, therefore you can only have one Twin Flame. The purpose of a Twin Flame connection is to support the ascension process – it is a rare, profound connection that leads to immense spiritual growth.  

You may have heard of other people reporting more than one Twin Flame, or perhaps even mentioning the notion of a ‘false’ Twin Flame.

This article will give you clarity about who is your real Twin Flame and explain why is it so important to be open to other connections. 

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Firstly, do I have a Twin Flame? 

Not everyone has a Twin Flame – but if you do, you will know about it.

Most people are not aware of the concept of a Twin Flame until they begin to experience it, and then later research it. Here are the main themes associated with a real Twin Flame connection:

  • The feeling of instant recognition and bonding.
  • A constant flow of signs and synchronicities.
  • Experiencing telepathy and being able to read each other’s minds.  
  • Feeling like you are on an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Triggering each other’s deepest wounds. 
  • Returning to each other again and again.

It is possible to experience similar characteristics with soul mates, however, usually people report a Twin Flame connection feeling much more intense.

After researching the topic on quora and asking others about their experiences, one woman reported:

“I had a karmic connection with someone from my childhood that I was sure I had some sort of higher connection but I knew nothing of Twin Flames then. Also – there was never such obsessive thinking as with the Twin Flame. He did trigger two of my Dark Nights of the Soul but these were only 3 months and were nothing compared to the one my TF initiated. The connection itself did not feel as intense either, but until I met my TF I did think that it was pretty strong. Actually, it was about 25% intensity of what happened when I met my TF.”

Therefore, the intensity of the connection appears to be the greatest indicator that you have met your true, Twin Flame.

In the book, Find Your Twin Flame by Leslie Sampson she writes that Twin Flames ‘originate from the same soul, which is then divided into two individual souls.’

She adds that this ‘spiritual DNA is comprised of both masculine and feminine energy’ and ‘this spiritual DNA is only equal between twin flames. Soul mates will have spiritual DNA that is compatible with ours, but it will not be equal.’ 

This suggests that a person can only have one true Twin Flame. 

Furthermore, research Exploring the transpersonal phenomena of spiritual love relationsby Christian Stokke showed that no participants reported having more than one Twin Flame.

After interviewing 140 participants that had reported a soul mate, 21 reported meeting their twin flame – none of which said they had more than one. These Twin Flames were all human, non-family relations and this reinforces the concept that you can only have one Twin Flame. 

But, why do I feel like I have more than one?!

It is not unusual for people to become obsessed with the Twin Flame journey. Sometimes they believe they are experiencing the emotional roller coaster ride of a Twin Flame, when in fact they are engaging in a co-dependent, narcissistic relationship. 

Colleen de Bellefonds, Health and Wellness journalist reports:

‘The main risk of twin flame relationships is that they’re often confused with co-dependent narcissistic relationships. People may also engage in dangerous stalking behaviours or discard other healthier relationships in the search for their twin flame.’

Should I date other people or wait for my Twin Flame?

On a personal level, I spent almost seven years waiting for my Twin Flame; praying and waiting patiently for him to return. 

However, during this process, I turned away other beautiful, meaningful connections that were trying to come into my life.  After years of being hyper-focused on my Twin Flame, I finally realized. I was going crazy!

I had become single-track-minded; closing myself off to everyone else just to chase my own idea of love. Finally, I let go of this idea and began to allow others to enter into my life. Since then I have experienced many beautiful soul connections. 

In fact, the lessons and blessings I experienced with these other soul mates dramatically shifted my vibration and ultimately, attracted my Twin Flame back into my life to reveal another layer of our journey.

I am not in union with my Twin Flame now, and neither do I choose to be – but I am in a loving, healthy relationship with a soul mate – and to be honest, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Does my Twin Flame have to be a romantic partner?

Twin flames can also be parents, children, best friends, or competitors. And whilst, this does not resonate with my personal experience, there are accounts of others reporting similar stories of Twin Flame connections with family, friends, and co-workers.

Conversely, Twin Flame experts Jeff & Sheila believe that it is possible to have multiple Twin Flames. 

They state that they have a discarnate daughter who once born, will be the third of their multiple Twin Flame set. Whilst I am not entirely convinced about this concept, they do state that ‘multiple twin flame sets make up a very, very small amount of the population.’ 

In Conclusion

Most research and theories suggest that you can only have one Twin Flame; it appears that the intensity of the connection is what sets a Twin Flame relationship apart from a soul mate connection.

However, whilst on your Twin Flame journey, it is vital that you stay open to other connections and alternate possibilities.

After all, we can’t grow and heal if we keep going back to repeat the same old pattern – this will only keep you stuck and stagnant. So have fun, be open-minded and remember…

If you and your Twin Flame are truly meant to be in union in this lifetime, then it will be. 

Until then, embrace the not knowing and be open to being surprised. 

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