11 Masculine Compliments for Anyone to Appreciate

Have you been looking for a way to make someone feel more Masculine? One of the most powerful methods to accomplish this is through the use of words. Here are 11 Masculine compliments to show your appreciation to anyone.

What Are Masculine Compliments?

There are certain compliments that can make someone feel more Masculine. When used correctly, these properly dispatched phrases can show appreciation for the Masculine figure in your life.

Everyone loves a good compliment, including those in the Masculine frame.

Feminine forms of praise are more common, but correctly using these compliments can make any Masculine person’s day a little brighter. These displays of appreciation will strengthen Masculine identity and create an environment for a better self-image.

It can be very hard to find words or phrases to make someone feel more masculine. There are common misconceptions that those living in the Masculine frame do not require as many compliments. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Try the following 11 powerful and effective phrases out when looking for the words to make someone feel more Masculine.

1. I am proud of you and all you accomplish.

This is a very effective way to show respect and belief in someone. Being a go-getter and accomplishing tasks is very important for a Masculine figure. This phrase shows support and motivates the recipient to keep hitting their goals. 

2. I trust in you and respect your leadership qualities.

People living in the Masculine frame take pride when in the leadership role. Allowing others to follow their lead is a positive reinforcement of their Masculine self-image. When identity is established and complimented, a proud response is felt and noted.

3. You are in control and it shows.

Having a calm, stoic, and even-keeled demeanor in stressful or chaotic situations is often thought of as a Masculine quality. Being a rock in a storm and being acknowledged for it is always going to be appreciated in the Masculine. 

4. You look very handsome today.

Everyone wants to know that their appearance is pleasing and attractive. Those in the Masculine deal with insecurity regarding physical appearance as well. Compliments directed on another person’s Masculine appearance will almost always be well received.

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5. You always go the extra mile for me.

Recognizing someone’s hard work and their efforts to please is always appreciated. This phrase will make a Masculine person feel on top of the world and strive to do more at every step. It is very satisfying to know these things aren’t going unnoticed.

6. Your drive and ambitions motivate me.

Being respected is as important as being loved by those within the Masculine frame. Dishing out this phrase will make anyone strive to continue to reach goals. Being aggressively driven is a common quality of a Masculine figure.

7. I feel relaxed and at ease with you.

The ability of the Masculine individual to take charge and lead is not taken lightly. When truly in their element, being present with Masculine energy can guide and put others at ease. Feminine energy can fall into a relaxed state and be confident that the Masculine will take charge.

8. I can’t stop smiling when I think of you.

The effect of making another person smile at the mere thought of them is a very powerful one. This will instill confidence in a Masculine partner and solidify their image. When self-esteem is high, identity can be viewed in a positive light.

9. You make me safe and supported.

To compliment a Masculine person in this way shows great respect and strengthens the bond between two people. Highly personal, it shows the effect the Masculine form has on another’s security in the present and in life as a whole.

10. No one can do it like you can.

This phrase can captivate and show how strong the feelings are for the Masculine receiver of this compliment. It expresses the effect they have on the person giving the praise. It is a highly personal set of words and brings a feeling of purpose for the Masculine identity.

11. You are so brave.

Being brave and courageous is a trait of the Masculine that is highly respected. Appreciation in this form will bolster that courage and confidence. Having mental strength in the face of fear or danger is a very appealing Masculine quality.

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Masculine Compliments Aren’t Just for Men

Biology and Masculinity are two separate things. Masculinity is a set of traits and behaviors that many categorize as polar opposite to Femininity. This categorization is really just a social construct. These patterns of shared generalizations are just assumptions that can change over time and are not biology-specific.

Your gender identity is completely separate from your biological sex. Biological males can exhibit Feminine qualities, and biological females can exhibit Masculine behaviors. You do not have to be a man to express Masculinity.

If a person identifies as Masculine, hearing compliments highlighting their Masculinity can be very helpful for identity. For example, if a Transgender individual who identifies as Masculine is complimented in a way that appreciates physical appearance, this can be very empowering for their self-image and overall identity.

Misdirected compliments or not respecting someone’s identity can be very damaging to one’s self-esteem and self-image. Language is very powerful and words can have a long-lasting impact on the receiver. Choose carefully.

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Why Have Gendered Compliments?

Self-image and reinforcement of identity are the main factors when dishing out gender-specific compliments. 

A study done on speech acts by Brown and Levinson , dictates that using compliments can fulfill positive face needs.

What is the positive face, you ask?

Brown and Levinson say that a positive face is “the positive consistent self-image of ‘personality’ (crucially including the desire that this self-image is appreciated and approved of) claimed by interactions.”

Gendered compliments can help clarify and strengthen the specific identity. Giving praise that bolsters image and identity within someone’s perceived gender can boost self-esteem. It can make the receiver of the complement more firmly rooted within their gender.

Gender roles are social roles that make up a range of attitudes and behaviors that are considered acceptable, or mainstream, based on the person’s biological or perceived sex.

These roles are most often expressed as either Masculine or Feminine polarity. These are not absolute, however, and modern society has led the push to break down the long-prevailing gender norms.

Gender-Specific Compliments

Here are some examples of compliments that have a sense of gender behind them.

Masculine Compliments

  1. “You are so handsome.
  2. “Wow, you are so powerful/athletic!”
  3. “How are you so stable?”
  4. “You are very strong.
  5. “How do you stay so motivated?”
  6. “You are very disciplined.
  7. “You are a great leader.
  8. “You are so confident.
  9. “I love your ability to dominate.
  10. “I wish I could be as ambitious as you!”
  11. “How do you stay so calm and collected?”

Feminine Compliments

  1. “You are very pretty.
  2. “Wow, you’re beautiful!”
  3. “How do you stay so poised?”
  4. “You are downright elegant.
  5. “How are you so sophisticated?”
  6. “You are sexy.
  7. “You are absolutely captivating.
  1. “I love how you are so sensitive.
  2. “You are very affectionate.
  3. “I love how you show your emotions with me.”
  4. “You are so ladylike.

Gender Neutral Compliments

  1. “You are irresistible!”
  2. “How are you so stylish?”
  3. “You are downright breathtaking!”
  4. “You are so good looking.”
  5. “I wish I could be as brave as you!”
  6. “You have a great sense of humor.”
  7. “How do you smell so good?”
  8. “You are a ten!”
  9. “You are a great example for everyone.”
  10. “You are always so thoughtful.”
  11. “You are so unique!”

Men Complimenting Other Men: How It Is Different

Men are no different when it comes to receiving compliments. They appreciate praise and acknowledgment for being Masculine. The compliments a man receives from another man can differ from those they receive from women. 

Men complimenting other men about how they look

It is generally believed that men have a hard time giving or receiving praise from other men. This is a stereotype that has hurt a lot of men and just isn’t true. Men enjoy hearing compliments from others, and men should feel free to share their admiration with other men.

It really boils down to the compliment giver and receiver being comfortable within their own identity. 

When a man compliments another man it usually breaks the gender norms, so he more often than not keeps his positive observation to himself. This is by no means a rule, and when something is noticed and celebrated both parties involved come out with a win. The complimenter can be proud of his generosity and the complemented man can feel worthy and appreciated. 

There are differences in the compliments a woman gives a man as opposed to the compliments men use with each other. Men usually compliment each other on performance in sports and other athletic events to highlight Masculinity. Women usually tend to use appearance-based praise.

Once again, these are broad generalizations and social constructs and absolutely not a rule.

Why Masculine Compliments Help Men

Compliments that support a man’s overall feeling of being Masculine can be very empowering. They can uplift a man and instill confidence and provide motivation. This praise is crucial and critical to male self-esteem. Acknowledgment that a man is living within the Masculine frame reinforces his identity

  • Insecurity can develop when a man doesn’t feel valued, or “manly”. Giving compliments about certain aspects of a man can have direct effects on his actions.
  • Compliments that take notice of the efforts of a man can motivate him to do more. 
  • Character and personality compliments can motivate him to be a better man all around and capitalize on his strengths.
  • Physical appearance praise can bolster a man’s self-esteem and help him walk in confidence in every area of his life, staying true to his Masculinity.
  • Wisdom and intelligence appreciation will reward a man for his mental tenacity and education. It will empower a man to be a lifelong learner to stay sharp.
  • Leadership and decision-making compliments will continue to enforce a man as a leader, and he will continue to problem solve and lead for all those around him.

As you can see, Masculine based compliments can help men strive to be better men. They will feel immense pride in the Masculine qualities that are noticed and appreciated and play to their strengths.


When I’m celebrated for doing hard things to support my family and live at my peak potential, it feels great. It lights a fire under me to stick to my disciplined ways. My sacrifice is being noticed and appreciated. 

After a long day’s work, the couch beckons. I do not listen to its call. Instead, I head down to my unfinished basement and my stack of weights. In this dusty space, I push my exhausted body to even more fatigue. I often contemplate why I choose to sweat, strain, and grunt in my free time. Some internal drive to be stronger than yesterday I guess.

An hour passes. I met my goals today and ignored my mind’s plea for a nap. I padlock the basement and return to my kitchen. Mixing up a protein shake, my wife grabs my bicep. She comments, “Wow! You’ve really been hitting it hard down there and I can tell!”

That compliment alone will drive me for months. I will work nine-hour days, ignore the couch, lift weights, box, train jiu-jitsu, and continue to learn new things. Being recognized for my efforts makes it all worth it.

Many men go through lives of sacrifice with little or absolutely zero praise for their labor. Just one compliment goes a long way in making a man live up to his true Masculine potential.

In Conclusion

Complimenting someone to highlight their Masculine qualities can work wonders to reinforce that identity. As we’ve discussed, this goes well beyond biology. Masculine compliments are not just for men. 

Words and phrases and the method in which they are delivered can have a profound impact on the one receiving them. Self-esteem, self-image, and confidence can be fortified. A few well-timed phrases can make someone feel more appreciated and completely in their own individual,  Masculine element. 

From personal experience, a little can go a long way. Any of the above compliments can light a fire under me to live up to my full Masculine potential. 

Compliment the Masculine person in your life. They could be in need of it.

Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson
Discipline coach and content creator Jason Peterson was born, raised, and resides in Milwaukee, WI USA. His life’s mission statement is “To empower men to live to their fullest potential, by embracing fear and feeding off of it.” When he is not studying or writing, he enjoys living the good life, relaxing with his wife and son.

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