Dressing More Masculine: 9 Fashion Tips

If you are looking to increase your masculine confidence, then you can gain a lot by looking at your fashion.

It’s not that you have to spend a lot of money or anything, but if you are trying to embody more masculinity, then putting on clothing that accentuates that part of you will help raise your confidence.

In this article, we will be exploring what Masculinity in fashion is, and tips on masculine style.

How Do You Dress More Masculine?

Society has created a certain set of traits, look, and styles for different genders. Masculine colors are more earth tone, while the feminine is more pastel. In general, if you follow the trends of men’s fashion you can emulate it to present it as more masculine.

You by no means have to dress masculine if you are a man, or only dress feminine as a woman. Anyone can explore their gender expression through their fashion.

Masculinity and Fashion: What it is… and isn’t

Masculinity does not equal Maleness.

Anyone can take on masculine fashion if it makes them feel good. A good example of this is tomboys. (Check out this full article on Tomboys)

When it comes to fashion, our society has decided that certain looks are more masculine and others are more feminine. These traits change from culture to culture and generation to generation. There was a time in which aristocrat men wore dresses. 

Knowing what qualities that your culture sees as masculine, and what qualities you want to express can help you find a fashion that makes you feel confident and fully embodied. 

Here is a list of attributes that western and European culture views as masculine and feminine in fashion:

Masculine Fashion Traits
Feminine Fashion Traits
Neutral Colors
Bright and Pastel Colors
Tight Fitting
Simple and bold lines
Soft curves and subtle patterns
No makeup
Leather and stiff cotton
Silk, lace, and soft fabrics

There are specific traits that accentuate the masculine look. 

But also keep in mind that fashion is A PERSONAL EXPRESSION.

The most masculine thing you can do is wear anything… yes anything… with confidence.

Masculine Man in kilt against wall
Kilts are sexy.

In the rest of this article, I will be sharing specific fashion tips you can use to feel more confident in your masculinity. 

Looking more Masculine: 9 Fashion Tips

There are certain tricks you can use to look more masculine. Try these out and see if it works for your own personal style:

1. Wear loose-fitting clothes

One of the easiest ways to look more masculine is wearing loose-fit clothing. Such as baggy pants, loose collared shirts, and so on.

Man with baggy clothing and pants showing his masculine fashion

You will want to make sure your pants have the right length. Just because they are baggy doesn’t mean they should go past your shoes. You will have to get the right fit to make the look work. 

2. Wearing Jeans

One of the classic symbols of masculinity is Jeans. They are timeless and hold a classic American look. 

Men can generally go with a slightly tighter Jean to accentuate their legs. 

Pants like the  511 Levi jeans are great for women that are trying to look more masculine as well. They are just baggy enough and help flatten the hips.

3. Choose neutral colors

Masculinity is generally associated with dark and earth tones. A neutral grey or brown can give you a more laid-back and rustic look. 

Greens browns washed-out blues, and rustic reds are great colors to look more masculine.

Try to avoid strong bright colors that are too bold if you want to go with a more rustic masculine look. 

4. Simple Shoes

Simplicity is the game with Masculine Style.

Shoes with a simple cut are seen as very masculine. A great example of this is leather loafers or canvas kicks. 

Another example would be simple work boots. They create a feeling of action and getting things done.

5. Wear one luxury accessory

Most men do not wear a lot of accessories. Usually, it’s one strong piece. Like a gold chain, watch, or unique belt. 

If you were too many accessories it can take away from the simplicity that society sees as masculine. 

If the rest of your outfit is very simple, having a gold watch or one item that stands out, can make you seem incredibly fashionable.

6. Add a hat

Another classic masculine look is wearing a hat. 

A strong brimmed hat, cowboy hat, or even a baseball hat can give your look a very distinct masculine style. 

Pick a hat that is comfortable and fits the rest of the outfit by paying attention to the color and fabric. This can help it blend in with the rest of your look. 

7. Try a different haircut

Your hairstyle is also a big part of your look.

Having a more Masculine haircut can help tie all the fashion elements together. 

Consider getting your hairstyles with a taper fade, undercut, or quiff. Each of these hairstyles will accentuate your Masculine frame. 

Learn More about Holding a Masculine Frame.

8. Simplify your outfits

One of the keys to a masculine outfit is simplicity. 

Simple shoes, single-tone shirts, and pants can help you create an outfit that shoes off masculine confidence. 

It’s important to not overthink your look. By being simple, you allow your personality more room to show off. Also, the devil is in the details.

A simple look, but one strong accessory can go a long way to show off your personal style. 

9. Typical “Masciline” works

Lastly, stereotypical works. 

The image of someone wearing flannel, work boots, and jeans just scream masculinity. It’s because it’s what magazines, movies, and community is telling us is masculine. 

Playing off these troops can help you show your masculinity. 

What will make you stand out is how you play off these stereotypes. Maybe you wear an unexpected color of flannel or mix it with a gold chain. It’s those little personal touches that will make it your own style. 

In Conclusion:

Society is constantly showing us examples of Masculinity in fashion. If you want to accentuate that part of yourself, then try looking at men’s fashion magazines, or things you find masculine and incorporate them into your fashion.

It’s also important to remember that fashion is about expressing yourself.

Don’t wear an outfit because it is expected of you, wear it because it makes you feel good and expresses your personality. 

The more masculine thing you can do is be fully authentic.

Isaac Cotec
Isaac Cotec
Creator of HeroRise, Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change.

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