Answering Yes / No questions with Tarot and Oracle Cards

Tarot and Oracle cards are typically used to answer open-ended questions. However, it is possible to use them for yes/no questions as well. This article will explore asking yes/no questions with your cards, when not to do it, and some tips for doing it effectively.

To start, let’s dive into the question.

Do Yes / No questions work with tarot and oracle decks?

Many people use Tarot and Oracle Decks for Yes / No questions to gain insight. However, many people believe yes/no questions are not the best use of divination. If done with the right intent, you can use Yes / No questions to significant effect. 

I did a poll with over 1,000 tarot readers to see their opinion on Yes / No questions. What I found was 51% of people don’t like to use Yes / No questions. It becomes fascinating when you look into why or why not people would ask Yes / No questions.

Why shouldn?t you use Yes / No questions?

When asking questions like “Is this the right decision?” using Tarot cards and oracle cards, Yes/No answers can limit the exploration of rich messages that may lie beneath.

A Tarot reading with a more open question might uncover the energies surrounding your inquiry and offer insight beyond the scope of a Yes/No response.

In short: Yes/No questions often have simple one-word responses like “yes” or “no.” They don’t allow much room for interpretation, so they’re not good if you want to explore something more deeply!

When using Tarot cards and Oracle Cards, it can be helpful to ask more open questions such as “What is my best next step?” Or “What is my best option?”

Tip: If you have a Yes / No question in mind, you can separate it into two questions. 

Yes / No Question Example:
Should I call this person back (Yes / No)?
Two question Example:
What would the outcome of calling this person be?
What would the outcome of not calling this person be?

When is it helpful to ask Yes / No questions?

There are some situations in which Yes / No questions can be used. It’s often most helpful when you’re looking for a clear answer to validate your intuition. 

I like to think of when you want to make a decision, and you flip a coin to figure out if you should go out or not.

You flip the coin, and the second you see the coin is heads (meaning yes, go out), you know you don’t want to. So you stay in instead. Classic!

In this example, the divination helped you find clarity of what you wanted. 

Doing a Yes / No reading can be helpful in that same way. It is such a strong reflection. After you do the card pull, watch your reaction. That will tell you a lot about your deeper desires.

Using Yes / No questions for clarification

Sometimes it can be helpful to start reading with a Yes / No question. It can give you a very concrete place to work from.

If you then ask more clarifying questions, it can help add depth and openness to the reading. An example would be:

  • Card one: Yes / No, should I take set up an interview for this job? (it’s a yes)
  • Clarifying question: How would this job best serve me?
  • Clarifying question two: What other opportunities might come up from taking this job?

I find that if you stopped at the Yes / No question, then you might not get to the deeper subtleties and allow your intuition space to speak to you.

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Common Yes / No Questions

There are many different types of questions you can ask for Yes / no answers. Here is a list of the top three types of questions I have seen:

  • Will [event] happen?
  • Does [person] like/love/dislike me?
  • Should I [take an action]?

Spreads for a Yes / No reading

This spread is design to work with Tarot Cards that have the number on them, like the regular Rider Waite Smith Deck. 

Start by placing five cards. Each card could count to a yes, or a no. (Odd numbers and court cards being a “no” and even cards and majors being a “yes”).

Tarot spread for yes / no questions

You then look at the tally. If you get 3, Yes and 2 No, it would be a “maybe” that is leaning towards a yes. If you get five straight no cards, then it’s a pretty resounding answer. 

One variation is to use the Ace card as a trump card, meaning no matter the rest of the cards your answer would be a yes.

After the tally, one way of getting a more thought-provoking insight from the reading is to try to find patterns and more profound reasons for the Yes or No answer from the five cards.

Yes / No Wheel of Fortune Spread

Another great spread for a Yes / No question is the Wheel of Fortune. 

  1. If you are using a Tarot deck, go through your deck and take out the Wheel of Fortune card. If you are using a different deck, pick any card you would like as the “signifier.”
  2. Pull six more cards from the deck to make a pile of 7 cards total.
  3. Shuffle all seven cards well.
  4. Place the cards one at a time to make three files.
    1. One on the left for yes
    2. One in the middle for maybe
    3. One on the left for no
  5. Whatever pile has the Wheel of Fortune, or signifier card, is your answer.

tarot spread yes no maybe

What’s great about this spread is you could also look at the other cards in each pile. You could ask yourself what the significance of the two other cards in the same pile of the signifier means. 

Perhaps your answer was maybe, but the cards in the Yes and No pile tell you a lot more about your options. 

This spread adds just enough depth to do a better reading than a one-card pull for a Yes / No question. 

Yes / No / Maybe tarot card list

If you want to do a Yes / No card reading with Tarot, here is a list of cards. This can be helpful if you’re going to do a single card draw for a regular tarot deck.

Ace of Cups
Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Swords
Ace of Wands
Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Wands
Four of Wands
King of Cups
King of Pentacles
King of Wands
Knight of Cups
Knight of Pentacles
Knight of Swords
Knight of Wands
Nine of Cups
Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Wands
Page of Cups
Page of Pentacles
Page of Swords
Page of Wands
Queen of Cups
Queen of Pentacles
Queen of Wands
Six of Cups
Six of Pentacles
Six of
Ten of Cups
Ten of Pentacles
Three of Cups
Three of Pentacles
Three of Wands
Two of Cups
Two of Wands
Wheel of Fortune
Eight of Cups
Eight of Swords
Five of Cups
Five of Pentacles
Five of Swords
Five of Wands
Four of Pentacles
Nine of Swords
Seven of Swords
Seven of Wands
Ten of Swords
Ten of Wands
Three of Swords
Four of Cups
Four of Swords
Hanged Man
High Priestess
King of Swords
Queen of Swords
Seven of Cups
Seven of Pentacles
Six of Swords
Two of Pentacles
Two of Swords


In Conclusion

You can definitely use Tarot and Oracle Cards for Yes / No questions. Many professional card readers and individuals use this type of question to gain insight. 

After talking with hundreds of people that use Tarot and Oracle cards, I have learned that many times is better to have a more open question to give your intuition more room to explore. Taking a Yes / No question and breaking it into two or more questions is a great way to explore the issue you are considering. 

That being said, there are still times Yes / No questions work well. 

I hope the spreads will help you find that depth using a Yes / No question, and the tips in this article give you insights into using Tarot and Oracle cards. 


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