Tarot Cards: Can they bring you bad luck?

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and are still used by many people today, though Tarot can also get a bad reputation. If you found this article, you might be worried that Tarot Cards, Divination, or Oracle Cards could give you bad luck. 

In this article, we examine the question of whether or not tarot cards can bring you bad luck. 

Can tarot cards bring bad luck?

Tarot Cards do not bring about bad luck. Tarot is a tool, like a hammer or a pen, and the cards can be used for self-reflection. How you use the cards and the energy you surround yourself with can disrupt your readings, but the cards themselves, like any tool, do not have bad luck. 

Reading your tarot cards is akin to reading the weather forecast. If you see a storm coming, you know that it’s time to prepare for it. But this doesn’t mean that the forecast caused the storm or that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself against its effects.

However, if you believe that the Tarot brings bad luck, you might start to subconsciously find reasons to “prove” that they are bad. This is similar to a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe the cards are helpful and can be used for personal reflection, you will find the cards beneficial.

The Tarot is a meaningful, nonjudgmental way for us to see the events of our life. When read properly, it leads you to recognize and make peace with the patterns of your life.

Tarot, as well as Oracle decks, have helped me grow as a person. They didn’t give me “good” or “bad” luck, but they did give me a way to reflect on what luck has unfolded in my life. 

Rather unfortunate that many people are superstitious about Tarot cards when they only serve as a method of creative problem solving and a deeper understanding of human psychology.

In the rest of this article, I will be clarifying why Tarot and Oracle decks are safe to use. 

Are Specific Tarot Cards Unlucky?

Over the past decade of reading cards, I have seen many people get freaked out when they see a specific card, like the Tower, Death, The Devil, and so on. 

Picture of Rider-Waite tarot deck

It’s important to remember that if a card comes up in your reading, that the card itself does not have good or bad luck. The card is just a mirror to what is happening in your life. 

The tower card does not cause your life to fall into chaos. 

When you pull the Tower card, it is helping you see where strife or upheaval might already be in your life. 

The cards don’t “cause” anything. They help you see these energies in your life-giving you guidance on what can help mitigate the negative effects. 

Can a specific Deck be Unluck?

Tarot decks do not generally have good or bad luck to them. They are just a tool that helps you reflect and gain insight. But in some cases, your connection to the deck might have negative energy and lead to bad luck. 

An excellent example of this is if a past lover gives you a deck. You might find that every time you pick up the deck, you feel terrible. It could be the residue energy from the person/situation that you got the deck from. 

This is where cleansing rituals come in handy. 

A simple one would be to burn sage over the deck and imagine any negative energy dissipating in the smoke, leaving it clean and refreshed. 

This can help disconnect your negative energies and past from the deck. 

There are also some decks that you might not ever connect with. 

It might seem like the deck is “unlucky” because your readings are off, but that might just mean it’s not the right deck for you. 

I have had over 20 decks in my life. Some of them I connected to right away (Like the classic RWS, Muse Tarot, and Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans). Others I didn’t connect with. Usually, it was something about the art or guidebook that never felt right. It doesn’t mean the deck is unlucky. It just wasn’t for me. 

Tarot readings are not set in stone – they can change

When you are reading, it’s important to remember that your reading is not set-in-stone.

Some people might think that Tarot cards will give them an answer as if it was some fortune-telling device. This isn’t true because they help us with our decision-making and perspective on what we want to do for things to work out better than before. 

When reading the Tarot, I like to think that before I lay out a single card, I am gazing out to an endless sea of possible lives before me. Each is going out in a different direction.

When I pull my first card, I see only one of those possible futures. 

I can then think about what I can learn from this possible outcome to make the life I want. 

When done correctly, readings can be beneficial when trying to make sense of where one’s path lies. They’re also helpful as a reminder of your values so you can remain true to yourself and create meaningful actions aligned with those beliefs!

“Bad luck” can come in if you think a reading is 100% true. That might cause you to take actions that don’t best serve you or sends you down the wrong path. 

Try to remember that Tarot and Oracle cards are just a tool to reflect, not to tell your fortune. 

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In Conclusion

Tarot Cards are not inherently unlucky because they can help people gain clarity and insight into their lives and guide action aligned with those beliefs that will bring about positive change.

They also provide a sense of control over one’s destiny by giving them an understanding of how fate unfolds through specific symbols like card orientation or numerology (i.e., future events).

Ultimately, it is up to you what the cards mean.

Tarot Cards can be a way to gain clarity and insight into your life- but they are not set in stone! You have the power.

Isaac Cotec
Isaac Cotec
Creator of HeroRise, Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change.

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