Solar Compass Altar Cloth

An altar cloth with a structure and purpose. A beautiful companion to the HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck.

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Tarot Altar Cloth for Masculine Archetype Deck Alter

This alluring altar cloth can be draped over a table for readings, used as a bandana, or wrap up your deck for safe keeping.  This Altar cloth is a companion to the Masculine Archetype Deck.

Altar Cloth Details:
  • 100% cotton cloth
  • Gold metallic ink
  • 25″ x 25″inches
  • Hand washable
  • 0.6 oz


Using the Language of Symbols

Designed with symbolic imagery to invoke the masculine. The center features the symbol of the sun, radiating its warmth into the world, and surrounded by a compass helping you navigate life’s true purpose. Expanding out and holding the essence of the masculine rising. 
Solar Compass Altar Cloth


Solar Compass Altar Cloth


Solar Compass Altar Cloth

Masculine Rising


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Solar Compass Altar Cloth

Solar Compass Altar Cloth