Best Masculine Tarot and Oracle Decks: Empowering Masculinity

Tarot and Oracle decks are a powerful tool for self-discovery, guidance, and transformation. They can help you see your truth more clearly, manifest what you want in life, and make meaningful changes to live the life of your dreams. This list is composed of masculine tarot decks that will be empowering for men (and anyone) to use in their practice!

Below is a list of decks that center around Masculinity. At the end of the article, I will give my recommendation and thoughts on the decks.

Tarot of the Divine Masculine

The artwork of this deck is stunning. I saw this project go live on Kickstarter, and it was amazing to see the community response. The deck has a modern classic look, using the Rider-Waite tarot tradition. The deck itself has an elegant and uncommon design with easy-to-read cards.

Tarot of the Divine Masculine cards open

What I really enjoy about this deck is the inclusivity of different body types. So often we see tarot decks with sensual portraits of women, but we don’t see one that shows the classic sensuality we used to see in marble statues and renaissance art. 

On their website, the creators say: “This deck is dedicated to all of us, the warriors of life, who are juggling successfully the Masculine and Feminine Divine energies within.”

This deck does an amazing job of being timeless in look and being multiethnic and all-body type inclusive.

Check out the creator’s website at Tarot of the Divine Masculine

Mystic Male Tarot

The Mystic Male Tarot is a 22-card deck with an emphasis on queer iconography, spirituality, and the sensual aspects of the divine masculine form. 

John Jennison, the creator, said this about the deck: “The purpose of this deck is to shine a light on the aspects of masculinity that are not usually highlighted or that have a history of being seen as feminine or labeled as female ideals.”

Mystic Male Tarot cards

This is an indie deck that launched on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase through Etsy.

HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck

Of course, I need to include my own deck…

The Masculine Archetype Deck can help anyone connect with the Masculine Archetypes – regardless of biology, gender identity, or sexual orientation.  How you come to this, can be as rich and complex as Masculinity itself.

The deck utilizes Archetypes, which are recurring patterns of human behavior that can be used as lenses to see different facets of who you are. The deck has immense depth with added Sub-Archetypes, Shadow Aspects, and a 12-card set of the Hero’s Journey. It also includes a comprehensive guidebook to aid you in exploring your Masculinity.

Gods and Titans Oracle

The Gods and Titans Oracle is a male-oriented oracle deck. The 36 cards feature powerful gods and deities, including Osiris, Thor, Ganesha, and more.

The guidebook is 160 pages and includes descriptions of the cards with small invocations.

The creators describe the deck as, “The ancient yet timeless wisdom of Gods and Titans will guide you through the twists and turns of life and teach you to use the energy of land, sea, heaven, earth, and underworld to solve modern problems. Embrace the genuine spirit of the masculine and discover your own power!”

The artwork portrays the gods as buff and intense figures. Though this deck is centered around masculinity, I find that it portrays many of the negative aspects of hyper-masculinity. You might find it hard, as I did, to realistically relate this deck to your daily life.

Get a copy of the deck on Amazon

Sol Invictus: The God Tarot

Sol Invictus: The God Tarot explores the many faces of masculine deities, role models, and historical figures. The deck does an amazing job of exploring fairy tales and myths that center around male figures.

The deck helps you connect to the mythic stories in a unique way, giving the reader a whimsical theme to play with. 

I also enjoy that this deck shows relatable characters, such as Shakespeare, and not just abstract gods. 

Check out the deck on Amazon

Primordial Warrior Oracle

The primordial warrior deck is loosely based on the hero’s journey, masculine archetypes, animals, and mythical beasts.

This deck was made by LΣVI (@masculine_intuition_readings on Instagram). I connected with Levi because of his work with masculinity and really enjoyed watching his creative process through Instagram.

In the write-up of the deck, he says: “An oracle that’s about a journey through the divine masculine. On this journey, you’ll meet friends, foes, and magical beasts.”

The deck is print on demand at Make Playing Cards. 

Gay Tarot

A brilliant blend of modern figures and classic imagery, the Gay Tarot explores the experience and identity of gay men. The 78 cards are full-color, with both people and subjects alike reflecting all ethnicities, shapes, and sizes in modern contemporary settings.

The box set also comes with a guidebook.

Everyman Tarot

The Everyman Tarot deck is a 78-card tarot created for modern men.
The images are simple line drawings, and it has a clean minimalist feel.

It features redrawn Rider-Waite imagery to reflect the way many men see, interpret, and experience the world.

I love this writeup from the creator: “created with men in mind – no shining Knights on white steeds bearing love tokens to Medieval damsels here! The familiar Rider-Waite-Smith deck has been redrawn to reflect how modern men experience life and how men understand and relate to the world around them.”

Check it out at Gamecrafter.

In Conclusion:

There are very few Masculine-based Tarot and Oracle decks, and I think there is a space for more decks.

What I find interesting is that out of the few decks around masculinity, a good portion of them are centered around gay culture. I think this is because the queer community has done a lot of work around gender identity. It also helps create a safe space for gay men to explore their spirituality without the hetero-normative portrayal in standard tarot decks.

There are a few decks that explore masculinity as an internal framework and separate themselves from sexuality (like Everyman Tarot and the Masculine Archetype Deck). It’s nice to give men who might not identify as gay a place to explore their masculinity.

The thing that worries me in a few of these decks is how they represent men as hyper-masculine, with all the men being physically ripped and domineering (Gods and Titan’s Oracle).

I think it’s important that we create an inclusive space that doesn’t body shame or pressure men into the stereotypical masculine roles. That is why I love seeing the artwork of decks like the Tarot of the Divine Masculine.

That being said, each of these decks gives a unique look into Masculinity. The decks would be a great tool for you to explore your identity and find new insights into your masculinity.

Isaac Cotec
Isaac Cotec
Creator of HeroRise, Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change.

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