Archetypes and Getting “Unstuck”

It’s ridiculous that we think we are only “one way.”

Like when someone says, “I could never release an album. I am just not that good.” 

Why do we limit ourselves? We get these stories in our heads, and before we know it, we build our identity around it. 

This last week I have been thinking about this while I go through my own changes. I have felt a little stuck after the successful launch of the HeroRise Masculine Archetype Deck. I did a reading last week to inquire. It’s a great illustration of using Archetypes.

The first card I pulled was the Addict. I instantly knew what it meant. 

(Do a free “Card Pull” on the website)

When you launch a big project, it is a marathon. Any given week, I was emailing hundreds of people. I was talking with marketing professionals, updating backers, and was constantly putting out fires.

You’d think I would be glad it was over.

But something inside me still craves it.

I felt alive and at the edge of my seat. If I kept up that lifestyle, I would start spiraling out of control. The Addict was a reminder to evaluate my desires, whether they are moving me towards balance or spiraling me down.

I then pulled the Refusal to Change.

Ah… really…

Felt like it smacked me in the face.

It spoke to how growth opportunities have been coming up in my intimate relationships and when I have coward from them. Thanks, cards… I get it.

The last card was the Father, which is the energy I am moving towards. It gave me the hope to move forward. It is reminding me to be more open with abundance and look to help others.
After doing this reading, I had a clearer picture of where I am emotionally and what can help me grow.

I’ve gained so much insight using these cards. It has helped me see my limiting beliefs and the stories I am stuck in.

I wanted to make this type of work accessible, so I created a free “Pull a Card Website.” The webpage includes a One-card reading and a three-card option.

It’s a great way to start exploring how the Masculine Archetype Deck shows up in your daily life. You could pull a card every morning to see how that energy expresses itself in the day or spend a moment contemplating a three-card reading to unlock ideas around something you are struggling with.

You can check out the free website here:

Isaac Cotec
Isaac Cotec
Creator of HeroRise, Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change.

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