How to Get Rid of your Tarot Deck: The Right Way!

Saying goodbye to a deck of tarot or oracle cards can be difficult. On one hand, you have a pull to let them go, but on the other hand, you know there is a symbolic connection with the deck that you want to honor.

Some people might just throw the Tarot in the Trash, but that doesn’t show reverence for the cards or respect their history.

In this article, I will be sharing the best ways to let a deck go.

When to consider getting rid of a Tarot / Oracle Deck?

If you sense any negativity or reluctance to carry out a reading, it might be time to let your cards go.

But why would you part with a tarot deck that has served you well for many years?

Here are three reasons why you might consider getting rid of a Tarot / Oracle deck.

1. Your old deck may have been gifted by an ex.

If your cards were once filled with joy but now remain a strong reminder of something upsetting, you should definitely consider parting with them. A fresh pack of cards, hand-picked by yourself will renew that love you have for tapping into divine inspiration.

2. You may sense a lack of harmony with the designs.

As humans, our emotions are changing all the time. One minute we are drawn to a certain shade, design or image, the next we have moved on to something new. This shows that we are evolving so don’t try to work with a set of tarot cards that no longer resonate with you. Invest in a new deck and bask in good vibrations, those that raise the spirits.

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3. Your readings lean towards doom and gloom most of the time.

If you constantly find your cards pulling you down rather than lifting you up, you are being sent a message to change. Change is a good thing, you won’t always receive good news but life is not a problem to be solved, it is a reality to be experienced!

tarot cards with recycle symbol for reuse

Steps to Take Before Getting Rid Of your Deck

Before parting with your deck, it is important to cleanse them of all your energy. The simplest way to do this is to re-arrange each one in its appropriate order starting from the major arcana and ending with the minor arcana.

Now, stack the deck in a neat pile and place a crystal on top. Selenite is powerful and cleansing; it will flow right through the entire pack, purifying the deck from top to bottom and wiping the slate clean.

Finally…fill the cards with rich blessings. You could say something along the lines of “I feel the love flowing throughout this entire pack. All messages, images, and words received by its new owner will be kind, powerful, and enlightening. These cards will provide crystal clear clarity and suggestions for the best way forward in all situations. The new reader of this tarot deck will receive hidden truths which are picked up by the soul.”

Five Ways to Recycle and Let Go of Tarot Deck

1. Take them to a psychic fair or trade online

Selling or trading means that you stop depleting the earth’s natural resources and reduce the demand for raw materials; this is a reward in itself.

If someone is drawn to your deck you also gain peace of mind that your cards have formed alignment with a matching source and if your deck is in good condition you could receive a good price for your old pack.

Let people know the benefits of buying from you. For example; your cards may still be nestled in their original box complete with the original book.

If your deck is a ‘limited edition’ or no longer in circulation, be sure to mention this before accepting any offer.

The advantage of trading or selling face to face is that potential buyers can see your product in real-time and gain a natural feel for them.

Besides a local psychic fair, you could also sell your cards at a craft fair, medieval event, car boot sale or even your local flea market.

Who knows when the right person will show up with a keen interest in what you have to offer. Failing that, you could visit the Cult of Tarot Forum. This is a place for all who love tarot. Payments are made quickly and easily via PayPal; this offers both buyer and seller protection so you have little to lose but so much more to gain.

When selling through an online forum, provide clear images of your cards along with a short description of the pack and the name of the author. You might also want to include some links to websites that promote or add further information about your oracle deck.

Another option is the highly active Tarot Marketplace on Facebook. When I have sold decks, they have gone in a few days.

2. Have them adopted by a stranger

If you no longer feel connected to your cards, have them adopted.

To do this simply carry out a parting ceremony prior to letting them go; this helps to disassociate from the deck. The best way to do this is to instill the cards with appreciation and thanks for all the times when they were a valuable part of your life.

The adoption process can be carried out in many ways but one effective method is to leave them in a place where they can be noticed such as a picnic area, outside your home, or on a park bench.

Leave a note beside them saying ‘kindly adopt me’.

This ensures a smooth exchange between you and the new owner.

A tarot deck that is picked up by the right hands at the right time could be the one thing that changes someone’s life for the better. When you give, you also put yourself in a favorable position to receive.

According to Michael Norton, a professor at Harvard Business School; giving helps us to experience closer more meaningful relationships, higher levels of career satisfaction, a feeling of blissfulness for longer periods of time, and improved health.

Winston Churchill is even quoted as saying: “We make a living by what we get but… we make a life by what we give”.

3. Carry out a disposal ritual

Holding onto a tarot deck that no longer fulfills its purpose is like tying a thick rope around your waist and attaching the other end to a ten-ton truck; the cards weigh you down and hold you back.

When you cling onto an unloved pack, you lose self-control and actually allow your cards to hold onto you. You should view an unloved tarot deck as a pack of emotional baggage that stands in your way.

The first step to freeing yourself from the cards is to cleanse each one.

Every symbolic image in your pack seeps with the energy that you have instilled; it has to be removed.

A disposal ritual is a highly effective way of dispelling such energy. It allows you to clear the road for new opportunities to present yourself.

When you can let go of an unwanted deck without feeling any emotional attachment you will feel lighter, happier, and content.

A Sample Disposal Ritual….

Tear each card into tiny pieces and stack them into mini piles. Now drop each tiny pile into different public bins. As you pass from bin to bin say to yourself:

I feel happier and happier with each small bundle of broken cards that I release

I feel deep inner peace whenever I let go of these cards”

Become mindful when carrying out this practice. As you stand in front of each rubbish bin, notice how grounded you feel.

All negative energy is being released from your body; draining down from your crown chakra, out through the soles of your feet; flowing deep down into the earth’s fiery core.

Piece by piece you are removing any stagnant energy; it is like pouring out leftover tablets from an old bottle. When they are gone, they can no longer cause any harm. If someone finds them, the power has been removed.

When the entire pack is gone, it is time to celebrate the closing of an old chapter and the start of a new. Take a moment to embrace the fresh, exciting new opportunities that lay ahead.

4. Turn them into an art project

Tarot and Oracle Cards are also amazing pieces of art and can be repurposed.

Here are some ways you can reuse cards in a Tarot Deck:

  1. Use the cards as bookmarks
  2. Make christmas and tree ornimates for the cards

3. Make a Garland out of the cards.

4. Use the cards in spells/rituals.
5. Use the cards on your Altar
6. Cut cards and use them for a soul Collage.

Created by PrinceCthulhu on Reddit.

Tarot and Oracle cards can be reused for art and other creative endeavors. I really like using them in Collage or as decorations in different settings.

I once made different magick boxes and glued a card to the outside. That box would then hold the energy of that card. It made great gifts.

The possibilities of how you can reuse the cards are endless.

5. Leave the Cards to Fate

Fate is a destiny that is pre-planned but it is our responsibility to do something with it (free will). In the Oxford dictionary, the term fate is described as “something that happens outside of a person’s control;   predetermined by a supernatural power.”

In this ritual you learn how to say goodbye to every symbolic image in the pack, one by one and leave it to fate.

  • With a specific card in hand, visit a place that inspires you.
  • You might find yourself walking to a bookshop or heading into the library.
  • When you are there, place a card inside the chosen page of a certain book or leave a card inside the cover of a magazine at the doctor’s surgery or between the branches of a tree. You could even leave one in the charity shop, in a pair of shoes or under a stone, the list is endless.

By leaving a card in specific places you open up to the realms of fate and create an opportunity for someone to stumble across your card; someone who will see it as a hidden message and not an image that is merely lying around.

This card could link them to a dream, animal, song, something that they heard on tv…anything that initiates insight and inspiration.

When you spread the cards this way you actually allow fate to parade its options before others.

Out of a deck of 78 cards, someone somewhere could receive a subtle push in the right direction for their soul journey courtesy of your old deck. At the end of the day, each card will be exactly where it was meant to be and found at the right time.

6. Bury The Cards

In some instances, a deck can begin to hold a lot of negative energy.

If this is the case, I find it’s best to disperse the energy by burying them.

Once I remember doing a reading for someone that had such intense and needy energy. Once the reading was done, the cards kept that energy. I tried clearing them, but they were never the same. I found burying them was the best option. It could also be seen as a healing ritual for the person I did a reading from. By burying their negative energy and giving it to the earth, it might help that person’s healing path.

When burying a deck, make sure you clear the energy beforehand and sever your connection to the deck.

The best time is during a new moon and finding a three-way crossroad (to honor Hekate).

In Conclusion:

A tarot deck can offer insight into your past, present, and future but only when you are able to attune with its energy. If you feel disconnected from a specific set, you should let them go.

A spiritual journey can only move forward when a reader is working with a personality that gels with their own.  

Isaac Cotec
Isaac Cotec
Creator of HeroRise, Isaac Cotec has dedicated his life to empowering others through art and creativity. He is a scholar of the subconscious and has studied the power of symbolism to help create enduring change.

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